Kaitlyn Wolf

Kaitlyn Wolf is a freelance writer, among many other things. With a drive to build an incredible life, she is always looking for ways to make an impact and move her life forward. She currently manages spas and fitness centers, teaches hot pilates, creates social media ads, and does freelance content writing. In her free time, you'll find her working out, hanging with her dog, and adventuring outdoors.

Stories by Kaitlyn Wolf

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How to help improve credit in 60 days

Your credit score could be the difference between getting the loan, house, car, or job that you want. The good news is that…

Does paying off a loan help credit
Does paying off a loan help credit?

One's credit score is very impactful when it comes to their personal finances. A low credit score can make funding various life expenses…

Financially free
How to become financially free by 40

Achieving financial freedom by the time you turn 40 can seem like a pipe-dream to many but it’s a reality for a few.…

What Is the FDIC
What is the FDIC?

We’ve all seen these four letters on our visits to the bank or on our banking website, but do we know what they…

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