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Unexpected vet bills, or last minute date night—no worries! If life throws you a curveball, get Instacash cash advances up to $500.

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Built For You
Access up to $500 of your hard-earned cash exactly when you need it.
Built For You
No interest. No credit check. No mandatory fees.
Built For You
Available in minutes for a fee1, or get it in 1-5 business days with no fees.
Get Up To $500. Fast.
Easy And Affordable
Increase your limit up to $10002
Become RoarMoneySM customer3 and set up qualifying recurring direct deposits to increase your limit.
Easy And Affordable
Give yourself a boost
Temporarily increase your Instacash limit when you complete actions in the MoneyLion app or participate in promotions.
Easy And Affordable
Share the love
Every month, you can increase 5 of your friends’ Instacash limits4 with Peer Boosts - at no cost to you. They can even Boost you right back to raise your limit temporarily.
Need More?
Built For You
Authorized repayments are automated
Enjoy peace of mind knowing your Instacash repayments are automated, so you can focus on what really matters.
Built For You
Trial option available
If you don't qualify for the full Instacash experience, we have a path to get you there and will provide you with an initial Instacash amount to help you out.
No Stress, No Hassle.
Take Control Of Your Portfolio With MoneyLion WOW

If you already have the app, tap Instacash on the ‘Accounts’ tab


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