Cashback Debit Card With Instant Rewards

By Allison Martin

We have exciting news! The MoneyLion Debit Mastercard and the RoarMoney account just launched! And this account has one of the best rewards programs you’ll ever find on a debit account.

Get Cash Back on Spending 

When you bank with MoneyLion, you can get rewarded for your spending and take every dollar further. As a MoneyLion Debit Mastercard cardholder, you can earn points just by shopping online at your favorite merchants.

You can find all the cashback offers (online deals) in the Rewards tab of the free MoneyLion app. The merchants’ offers can change without notice, and new ones are added regularly, but right now you can earn rewards online at Best Buy, Home Depot, GameStop, UberEats, Walgreens, and DisneyPlus, to name few!

With every dollar you spend using the deals offered in the app, you will rack up MoneyLion points. Each merchant offers a number of points per $1 spent. Then you can redeem those points for cash (from us!) that’s deposited directly in your MoneyLion Managed Investment account, where we’ll invest it for you to help it grow, or you can withdraw it. The choice is yours. 

Next Up, Win Money! 

MoneyLion offers two ways to earn. Not only can you earn points by shopping at your favorite online brands, you can also earn free money just by shaking your phone after every purchase of $10 or more. As a MoneyLion Debit Mastercard holder, you will have the opportunity to earn back up to the full amount of every purchase of at least $10 (max reward is $120) with Shake ‘N Bank rewards. 

You’ll need a MoneyLion Investment Account to participate, as rewards will be deposited into this account to help your money grow. Over 800,000 people have opened investment accounts with us, and 93% of them are first-time investors. There’s no minimum amount or experience required.

Here’s how Shake ‘N’ Bank works: 

  • Use your MoneyLion Debit Mastercard to make a purchase of $10.00 or more. 
  • Look out for the push notification from us that alerts you to a Shake ‘N Bank prize. (Quick note: You will receive the notification once the transaction goes from pending to settled status)
  • Tap the push notification to open the MoneyLion app and follow the prompts to shake your phone for a chance to win big. You’ll always win something, and the amount could be anything, whether it’s $0.05, $0.50, $1.50, or $5.00 — all the way up to the full amount of your purchase (with a cap of $120)!  
  • Your reward will be deposited into your investment account within 5 business days. You’ll be amazed how quickly they add up as you use your MoneyLion Debit Mastercard for everyday spending.

What if you missed the initial alert? Don’t worry. Just open the Rewards tab to find your Shake ‘N’ Bank opportunities. You’ll have 7 days to shake for your reward.

How to Get a MoneyLion Debit Mastercard

You will receive your MoneyLion Debit Mastercard when you sign up for a RoarMoney account. While you wait for it to arrive in the mail, you’ll have a virtual debit card that you can use to earn rewards right away. Your virtual and physical cards can be used for everyday purchases, bills, subscriptions and just about anything else you can think of. And you’ll have access to 55,000 fee-free Allpoint ATMs.

Learn more about RoarMoney here.

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