Cashback for Shopping Online – Earn in 4 Easy Steps!

By Jacinta Sherris

Do you love online shopping but you’re also looking to save money? The good news is that there are many ways to save while still getting your online shopping fix. You could follow sales or hunt down coupon codes. However, one of our favorite methods for saving money is taking advantage of cashback for shopping online. 

How to Get Cashback Online

Cashback for shopping online gives you back a percentage of what you spend on everyday purchases and larger shopping sprees. Who doesn’t want to save a little extra? The money you save can add up quickly and you can use it for a night out, towards paying down debt, or even investing. 

Ready to get started? Here are some of the top ways you can find amazing cashback deals that allow you to save big time on shopping online. 

Get Cashback From Your Bank

Some banks or credit cards offer cashback for shopping online. Make sure to check in with your bank about any relevant programs. There’s a chance you’re missing out on rewards from if you’re not signed up. 

MoneyLion’s online bank account, RoarMoney, offers cashback rewards with no signups required. Each month you can get a percentage of cashback from qualifying stores and businesses as part of their Cashback of the Month program. You can earn whether you are shopping online or in store. Find out the details here.

You also won’t have to worry about racking up debt on a credit card just to reap rewards. With MoneyLion, you’ll get cashback by spending money that’s already in your account through your MoneyLion Debit Mastercard. 

Shop Through Apps

Some banking apps offer special cashback rewards on online shopping for a limited time. These promotions are often accompanied by high-rate cashback deals at select stores that can save you a significant amount of money. Make sure to swipe through your bank’s mobile app to find these deals. 

MoneyLion partners with some of the most popular retailers in the country to bring cashback rewards to online shoppers. You can shop straight from the MoneyLion app by clicking on the rewards tab and earn cashback from stores like Target, Best Buy, Adidas, and more. Learn more here.

Upload Your Receipts to Cashback Apps

Some apps will allow you to upload your receipts to obtain additional cashback deals. Apps like Ibotta help you get rewards on top of the rewards your bank offers. After using your RoarMoney Debit Mastercard, upload your receipt to Ibotta and get double the savings!

Track The Price of High Ticket Items

Have you ever bought something you were saving up for – only to see it go on sale for a cheaper price afterward? Most stores won’t allow you to return the item and buy it back at a discount. That’s where MoneyLion comes in. 

If you have a bank account from RoarMoney you could get a cash refund for keeping track of what you spend. RoarMoney offers price protection to help you shop confidently and getting the best price. If you find your eligible purchase selling for less than what you paid, you can request for your RoarMoney account to be reimbursed. You could get up to $250 per purchase up to 4 times a year! Learn more here and here.

Get CashBack Rewards With RoarMoney From MoneyLion

RoarMoney is an online bank from MoneyLion account that is designed to make your finances roar. You’ll get access to amazing deals on cashback for shopping online, price protection, paycheck deposits up to two days early, budgeting tools, debit card rewards, and more for only $1 a month. 

Unlike other banks, RoarMoney believes in zero hidden fees. Plus, you can rest assured that your money is well-protected since RoarMoney accounts are all FDIC-insured. RoarMoney also integrates with other MoneyLion financial tools like investment portfolios and 0% APR cash advances

You can even boost your credit score with a low-cost credit builder loan for an additional membership. All in all, use MoneyLion to help you save on online shopping and give your finances an overall boost.

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