7 Ways To Easily Earn Cashback for Shopping Online 

cashback for shopping online

Do you love online shopping but you also want to save money? You can make money by taking advantage of sales and scouring the web for coupon codes. Or you can take advantage of cashback opportunities when shopping online! 

Here’s our 7 favorite ways to earn cashback for shopping online!

How to get cashback for shopping online

Cashback for online shopping returns a percentage of what you spend on everyday purchases and shopping splurges back to you. The money you save can add up quickly and make it possible for you to afford a night out, pay down your debt, or invest in your future. 

Ready to get started? Here are some of the top ways you can earn cashback rewards for shopping so that you can save money on every purchase you make online!  

Get cash back from your bank 

Many banks and credit cards offer cashback rewards for shopping online. Checking in with your bank regarding their cashback opportunities will help you capitalize on every cashback reward available. With an online bank account through RoarMoney by MoneyLion, you’ll have access to cashback rewards with no sign-ups required. 

Each month, you can get a percentage of your cashback from qualifying stores and businesses as part of their Cashback of the Month programs. You can also earn money whether you are shopping online or in-store. Find out the details here!  

You also won’t have to worry about racking up debt on a credit card in order to reap the rewards of cashback programs. MoneyLion also provides cashback rewards for shopping online via the MoneyLion Debit Mastercard. 

Shop through apps

Some banking apps offer special, limited-time cashback rewards when you shop through specific apps. High-rate cashback deals at select stores usually accompany these promotions. Swiping through your bank’s mobile app will help you find these deals. 

MoneyLion partners with some of the most popular retailers to bring cashback rewards to online shoppers. You can shop straight from the MoneyLion app by clicking on the rewards tab. From there, earn cashback from stores like Target, Best Buy, Adidas, and more. Learn more here.

Upload your receipts to cashback apps

Some apps allow shoppers to upload their receipts and obtain additional cashback deals that way. Apps like Ibotta can help you receive complimentary rewards in addition to what your bank already offers. After using your RoarMoney Debit Mastercard to make a purchase, upload your receipt to Ibotta and receive double the savings when you earn cashback for shopping!

Wait there’s more! Our cashback earning is the gift that keeps on giving! From shopping through our app with our featured online merchants to our Shake N Bank feature, there’s plenty of ways to put more money back in your pocket!

Track the price of high-ticket items 

Have you ever bought something you were saving up for only to see it go on sale for a lower price shortly after? Most stores won’t let you return the item and buy it again at the new discount, but MoneyLion is the exception to this pattern of behavior. 

If you have a RoarMoney bank account, you could even get a cash refund for keeping track of what you spend. RoarMoney offers price protection to help you shop confidently and get the best price around. 

If you find a product that you’ve purchased being sold for less than what you paid, you can request reimbursement through your RoarMoney account. You could get up to $250 per purchase up to four times a year! Learn more here and here

Use a browser extension 

The best online shoppers make earning cashback for shopping online as seamless as possible. Rather than having to think about checking for cashback rewards every time you shop online, a lot of shoppers are installing browser extensions that will automatically find discounts for them.

Some banks and brands offer browser extensions that automatically give you points for each purchase you make. Think of each browser extension on your computer as a built-in, automatic assistant helping you save money even while you spend it. 

Buy in bulk 

While we all buy various products over the course of our lifetimes, some purchases are recurring. For example, runners will buy more sneakers than the average person. In a more general sense, we all have to pay for food and water, but rather than making small purchases every time you need to replenish the items you need, consider purchasing these items in bulk.

Some brands incentivize big purchases by reducing the average cost-per-unit on those orders. Depending on what you’re buying, bulk orders can save you hundreds of dollars every year. That will leave you with extra cash that you can put towards investments or other purchases. 

You’ll end up buying what you wanted and needed, but by getting those products via a bulk order, you’ll save money overall while making less frequent orders. Fewer orders will also contribute to your savings as fewer orders results in fewer impulsive purchases. 

Buy products during the off season 

The timing of your purchases will influence the price of the items you’re purchasing. Buying products off-season can result in significant savings. For example, you can save anywhere from 50% to 75% on Christmas ornaments if you buy them a few weeks after Christmas instead of a couple of weeks before the holiday season. 

Similarly, buying a winter coat in the summer months will also yield a considerable discount. Why buy products when they’re in season if you can buy them when they are not in season and save money in the process? 

When you buy a seasonal product during its peak season, businesses will increase prices to match the increase in demand. In response, you can plan out your purchases in advance so that you end up buying products when they are out of season. This strategy will help you save a considerable amount of money while earning cashback rewards when shopping online.

Skip coupons and earn more with MoneyLion!

RoarMoney is an online bank account designed to make your finances roar. You’ll get access to incredible deals on cashback for shopping online, price protection, paycheck deposits up to two days early, budgeting tools, debit card rewards, and so much more for only $1 per month. 

At MoneyLion, we believe in transparency and that’s why we have zero hidden fees. Plus, you can rest assured knowing that your money is well-protected since RoarMoney accounts are all FDIC-insured. You can even boost your credit score with a low-cost MoneyLion Credit Builder loan and get up to $1000–no hard credit check required.

MoneyLion can help you save on online shopping and boost your finances with an all-in-one easy to navigate app. From auto-investing accounts, early payday feature, and 0% APR cash advance, and then some–we have you covered!


Are cash back apps safe?

Use trusted cashback apps to make sure your information is safe. You can start earning cashback rewards today through RoarMoney.

How do cashback rewards work?

Every time you make a purchase, you’ll receive some cash back. Banks and credit cards incorporate a cashback policy to reward their users for their purchases.

Are cashback rewards free money?

Yes and no. While a cashback reward is free money, you’ll only get that money by making expenses, so it costs money to get cash back

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