Focus on your Financial Heartbeat for Self-Improvement


September is National Self-Improvement Month — a perfect time for MoneyLion members to shine. This community is famous for self-improvement! From raising credit scores to lowering financial stress, millions of members have made personal and financial gains along their journey with us. 

Start Your September Self-Care

This year has been a tiring one for many people out there, with lots of unexpected challenges. Show 2020 that you’re in charge by committing September to your self-care and self-improvement.

To start Self-Improvement Month on the right foot, take advantage of the Financial HeartbeatSM feature in the MoneyLion app. Knowing your score and reviewing your financial strengths and improvement areas can help you know where to focus and track your progress.

Financial Heartbeat: How It Works

To reach the Financial Heartbeat, swipe to the end of your mobile cards in the MoneyLion app until you see an animated heart icon and your Financial Heartbeat score. There you’ll be able to monitor four areas of your financial health — Save, Spend, Shield, and Score — and celebrate your progress with Strive.

  • Save: The Save icon measures savings health — how well you are prepared for expenses, both unexpected and planned. 
  • Spend: The Spend icon helps you keep spending in line with your income — a critical step for financial strength. 
  • Shield: The Shield icon helps you understand and organize your insurance needs and coverage. Step by step, they can build their Shield of protection.
  • Score: The Score icon encompasses credit score and overall credit health in terms of utilization and interest. 
  • Strive: The Strive icon keeps members motivated with badges and points for easy and big wins and positive financial steps. 

Together, these five scores add up to your total Financial Heartbeat score (1.0 to 10.0, with 10.0 as a perfect score). By providing feedback and reinforcement, the Financial Heartbeat reflects and validates the hard work you put into improving your financial health. 

Six Tips for Self-Improvement

Start using the Financial Heartbeat monitor in the MoneyLion app daily, and try these six tips for focusing on yourself this week. We’ll share new tips next week!

  1. Spend less than you earn. This one is a biggie. It’s a must for financial health. See the SAVE and SPEND tabs in the Financial Heartbeat monitor to check on your income-to-spending balance and to get tips. You got this! (Tweet this)
  2. Start a rainy day fund. Stash any extra pennies in a savings or a low-risk investment account to help ‘em grow. Visit the SAVE tab in the Financial Heartbeat feature to review your savings health. (Tweet this)
  3. Protect yourself and your stuff. Take the SHIELD quiz in the Financial Heartbeat feature to get an understanding of your insurance needs and coverage. The more you know, the more equipped you are to protect yourself and your loved ones. (Tweet this)
  4. Know your credit score. Your credit health is everything, and there are proven ways to work on it. You can visit the SCORE tab in the Financial Heartbeat monitor for an overview as well as the Credit tab on the home screen of your MoneyLion app.* (Tweet this)
  5. Give yourself a high five! Working on your finances is a journey, and every step is progress. Check out ways to celebrate and stay motivated in the STRIVE tab of the FInancial Heartbeat monitor. The Rewards tab of the MoneyLion app is also a great place to find incentives and motivation! (Tweet this)
  6. Make financial health a habit. They say it takes 3 weeks to build a habit. Let’s do it! Check your Financial Heartbeat score every day for the next three weeks. You’ll learn something new every day and get more comfortable with tracking your finances. (Tweet this)

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* Credit monitoring is available with a Credit Builder Plus membership.

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