How to host Friendsgiving on a budget


Thanksgiving is traditionally a time for families to come together to celebrate what they’re grateful for over a delicious feast. But the festivities don’t have to stop with your family. If you want to celebrate with friends or if you’re unable to make it home for the holiday, consider hosting a Friendsgiving! If you have ever hosted a dinner party before, you know how costly it can be, but no need to fret, this guide is going to help you keep costs low while hosting an amazing event. Here are tips on how to host Friendsgiving on a budget. 

What is Friendsgiving?

Nothing beats a great meal with the people closest to you in your life.This year take Thanksgiving festivities a step further by hosting a Friendsgiving, an informal version of Thanksgiving with some of your closest friends rather than your relatives. Friendsgiving is usually held on the Wednesday before or Friday after Turkey Day, but you can hold it on whatever day works best for you and your guests. 

Seven cheap festive ideas for Friendsgiving 

To keep your guest list and your bank account happy, check out these seven budget-friendly tips to help you double the fun without doubling the costs. We’ll even tell you how to get 0% APR Instacash advances to help you out!

Make a guest list 

Friendsgiving is an opportunity for you to host an intimate dinner party with the most important people in your life. Usually, the more people you invite, the higher the price tag for your party, so be selective with your guest list. While throwing a big rager can be fun, Friendsgiving is a time for connecting to the people closest to you. Small, manageable parties usually lead to a lower price tag, as long as you don’t go crazy with food and decor. 

Divvy up the duties

One of the most affordable ways to host a Friendsgiving is by going potluck style and having everyone bring a plate to share. Don’t feel that just because you’re hosting you have to take on every task yourself. Make sure to ask your guests to bring their favorite Thanksgiving dish in advance. 

An easy way to help avoid having three people bring mashed potatoes for seven guests is to use Evite or Facebook to send invitations or create an event. You can assign people specific dishes or have guests tell you what they’re bringing on the invite. 

You handle the main course

The main course is usually the host’s responsibility, so take on those tasks yourself. Not everyone likes turkey so ask your guests ahead of time what they prefer for the main course. Have fun with it and get outside the box. Whether you do turkey, ham, or an alternative dinner that’s vegetarian or vegan, make the main course your time to shine. Plus, your house will smell amazing when your guests arrive. 

If you are going the turkey route, get ahead of the game and buy your bird well in advance, because turkeys can be hard to find as the holiday gets closer.. Even if you can’t get your hands on a turkey, don’t let that deter you. Start your own Friendsgiving tradition and get creative with your main course. 

Shop smart and save

A successful Friendsgiving leaves you with both a full belly and a full wallet. Look for holiday deals before you shop. Taking time to find deals can save you a good chunk of change. Want to save even more? When you bank with MoneyLion, you can earn rewards when you use your MoneyLion Debit Mastercard® or RoarMoneySM virtual card and shop through the MoneyLion app. Before hitting the grocery store, or any store, check the Rewards tab in the MoneyLion app to find merchant deals and promos.

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Add DIY fall decorations 

It’s time to bust out your creative side and create some DIY fall decorations. Food should be your centerpiece for Friendsgiving, so don’t go overboard on decor. However, there are budget-friendly extras that will make your table look really special. 

Instead of a tablecloth, cover your table with brown kraft paper and give everyone markers to write down what they’re grateful for. You can create place card holders or food labels with paper stock and old wine corks. Then, add a few scented candles and some eucalyptus from your local Walmartand your table is sure to impress. 

Reduce food waste and use of plastic 

It helps the earth when we all do our part to reduce food waste and plastic usage during the holidays, so send your guests home with glass or ceramic Tupperware full of food from your evening. Head to a thrift store or Goodwill, where you’ll be able to find ceramic or glass pieces without a hefty price tag. That way you can reduce food waste and plastic usage and give your guests an affordable gift. 

Create a festive playlist 

Create a festive atmosphere for your Friendsgiving by putting together a mix of festive songs that remind you of each guest. You can even take requests from your partygoers so everyone gets to hear their favorite song and participate in the mix.

Host a Friendsgiving you’ll never forget

Follow these tips and your Friendsgiving is sure to be a hit with all your guests and your bank account. If you’re planning last minute or the holiday messes with your payday schedule and you need some extra cash to host Friendsgiving, consider a cash advance using Instacash. And if you switch your direct deposits into a RoarMoney account,, you might qualify for even more —  up to $1,000 interest free and no credit checks. Let the holiday festivities begin! 


When should Friendsgiving be?

Friendsgiving is usually held on the Wednesday before or Friday after Thanksgiving. If that doesn’t work for you and your guests, throw it on whatever day works the best for you! 

How do you celebrate Friendsgiving?

Friendsgiving is celebrated a lot like Thanksgiving but with your closest friends rather than your relatives. The best part about Friendsgiving is you can make it your own and get creative instead of following common traditions. 

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