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Love yourself, love your wealth ❤️

At MoneyLion, we’re continually looking for new ways to help you improve your finances. That’s why we built the Financial Heartbeat, an innovative new tool that empowers you to easily and holistically monitor your financial health in order to help reach your goals faster. We are revolutionizing the way hardworking Americans like you interact with your personal finances by making it fun! Take a look:

It’s like a Fitbit for your wallet

Just like many of us monitor our physical health every day using tools like Fitbit or Google Fit, we should also monitor our financial health. And it should be just as easy and enjoyable! That’s why the Financial Heartbeat offers a daily personal finance tracker that measures the five pillars of your finances (Spend, Save, Shield, Score, and Strive) and sums them up into a single glanceable score (1-10). You can think of it as a GPS to your financial dreams, letting you know if you’re on the right track.

We calculate your Financial Heartbeat score by looking at your spending and saving habits, your level of shield protection (insurance against the unexpected), and how you manage debt. The Financial Heartbeat then calculates these factors into your personal Financial Heartbeat score and offers suggestions on how to level up. The financial tracker changes color based on your progress. It can change daily — so it’s good to log in every day and check your “pulse.”

Here’s how each tab of the Financial Heartbeat works:

  • SPEND: Spend wisely.
    Measures whether you’re spending wisely (or overspending) by comparing your spending to your income.
  • SAVE: Save smarter.
    Measures your savings in real time, so you always know where you stand when it comes to building your financial safety net.
  • SHIELD: Shield yourself from the unexpected.
    Shows the extent to which you’ve protected yourself against emergencies through various types of insurance, and encourages you to take action to further protect yourself and your family.
  • SCORE: Build your credit health.
    Monitors your credit and other factors of your credit health, then provides recommendations to help you boost your credit score.
  • STRIVE: Strive to achieve your dreams.
    Celebrates your financial accomplishments by giving you badges for your achievements.

How will you level up?

Decrease stress and improve your financial wellness by measuring your Financial Heartbeat with MoneyLion today. Pair it with a RoarMoney mobile banking account or Credit Builder Plus membership to level up and unlock even more tools! What’s your Financial Heartbeat?

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