How Can I Get a $900 Loan?


Bank account looking a little light on cash lately? Maybe you’re back in college and you needed new books, but you haven’t been getting many hours at work. Or your teen needs a new retainer because they accidentally threw theirs away – for the third time. 

Whatever the reason is, having extra cash in your pocket would definitely come in handy. But if you have bad or no credit, it can be hard to borrow. We can help! Here’s how you can get a Credit Builder Loan almost instantly to help you get your hands on a little cash while building your credit!

Apply For a Credit Builder Loan

The Credit Builder Loan, part of our Credit Builder Plus membership, is perfect for anyone who wants to establish credit or needs to work on their damaged credit. It’s known that having great credit can open up the door to borrowing opportunities and save you thousands on interest. 

We will work with you and report your monthly payments to all three credit bureaus. With a competitive interest rate and a 12-month term, you’ll have payments you can actually afford while improving your credit score. We’ve had the majority of members boost their credit score up 60 points in their first 60 days! All credit types are welcome and encouraged to apply.

See more details below on how to qualify today!

How Do I Qualify For a Credit Builder Loan?

First, to qualify for a Credit Builder Loan you must be a Credit Builder Plus member. The membership fee is $19.99/month and comes with perks, including 0% Instacash advances, Lion’s Share Rewards program, competitive APR loans, and credit monitoring with weekly credit score updates! 

After you’ve set up your membership, you’re required to link your bank account in lieu of a credit check. MoneyLion will securely scan your account for the following factors to determine eligibility: 

  • Correct current name and address (must match public record!)
  • Active account that is at least 60 days old 
  • Detectable income with recurring deposits, and your account in good standing
  • Proof of acceptable account balance and active transaction history

Qualification only takes a few minutes, and once you’re approved, you’ll have access to a loan up to $1000, with a portion of the funding given to you today and the rest saved for you and given to you when you’ve paid off your loan. Unemployed right now? Even if you’re not employed at this time, unemployment, child support, and alimony income is considered as a qualifying factor as well. 

If for some reason you get denied, try linking up a different checking account or apply again later after you’ve had your account longer with consistent deposits. 

Credit Builder Loan Application

Here’s a recap on how to get a Credit Builder Loan today.

STEP 1: Apply for Membership

  • Download the MoneyLion app
  • Set up a MoneyLion account using your email address
  • Select Credit Builder Plus membership in-app
  • Link your bank account to apply and see your loan offer

Once you’ve linked your account, you’ll be notified if you have a loan offer. 

Want to get your membership fee paid for? Every month you’ll have a chance to earn Lion’s Share Loyalty Program Rewards and you can recoup your monthly fee. You’ll need to also have our mobile banking account (RoarMoney) and our investment account to participate. Find out more here

STEP 2: Review Loan breakdown 

Once you accept the loan offer, funds will be dispersed into two parts:

  • Now money: The portion of your loan funding that you receive the day you’re approved
  • Later money: The remaining portion of your loan funding that is saved for you and then given to you when you pay off your loan in full

If you have an awesome credit score and you’re on top of your finances, the more you’ll get approved to receive up front. You’ll have a portion deposited into your bank account to use right away. The remaining funds will be held in an interest-earning Credit Reserve Account in your name and released to you when you pay off your loan in full. Think of this as a regimented new savings account!. 

Example breakdown of loan offer:

  • Approved for a $900 loan
  • Receive $400 of your loan today
  • $500 saved in your Credit Reserve Account while earning interest
  • Make monthly loan payments on your full $900 loan (plus $19.99 membership fee)
  • Once you pay the $900 loan in full, $500 from your reserve is released to you!  

STEP 3: Track Progress and Build Credit 

An all-in-one product, Credit Builder Loans with a Plus membership comes with 24/7 credit monitoring. On the app dashboard, you can view your credit utilization, inquires, and watch your rating soar! 

Each time you make a payment, we report it to the 3 major credit bureaus (which means late or missed payments can be detrimental to your credit; however, we can work with you to help you stay on track to building credit). Don’t worry yourself with another due date reminder.

MoneyLion will set you up with auto payments working around your pay schedule, this helps you never miss a payment.

Need $900 today?

No more scouring the house looking for things to sell to make a buck. In just a few minutes you could ease your burdens by simply applying for a Credit Builder Loan up to $1000, with a portion of your funds received today. Put yourself in the fast lane to financial stability and download the MoneyLion app today!

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