How Can I Get Extra Money For The Holidays?

It’s as if the holidays have arrived again in the blink of an eye. Even though these months bring a fairytale atmosphere with dazzling lights and holiday caroles, it can also cause some financial stress. It’s the time of year where you feel obligated to buy gifts for your friends and family members.

Luckily, there are tons of ways you can get extra money for the holidays and get creative with presents – so you avoid buying the all-too-familiar gift of socks for your loved ones.

One of the best ways to make extra money is to look for seasonal jobs. These are the best side hustles that will fatten up your wallet during the holiday season.

10 Best Holiday Jobs

Many companies are well aware that the time around the holiday season is busy. The good news for you is that this means there are more job openings so you can make that extra cash. These jobs tend to hire for the holidays around November to Mid-January.


Holiday parties bring people together to celebrate during the months of November through January. This is a great opportunity if you love getting dressed up in costumes and performing in front of a group of people. Many places want performers like clowns, magicians, dancers, and singers at their party. Let your skills shine so you can wow a group of people during the holidays!

Sales Clerk

Sales at many department stores increase during the winter season. This equates to a higher demand for sales clerks to make sure things run smoothly during the busy time. Check out your nearest department store to see if they’re hiring around the holiday season.


Babysitting is an ideal way to make some extra cash on the side. Parents will need someone responsible and trustworthy to watch their children while they’re attending holiday parties. If you don’t mind giving up your weekend nights to hang out with kids, then let your friends and neighbors know you’re available. 

Food Preparation

Take advantage of your grandma’s secret cookie recipe and sell it at holiday parties or bake sales! It doesn’t cost too much to bake dozens of cookies which you could sell for a decent profit.

Pet or House Sitting

Many people travel in the winter months. Let your neighbors know you are available to take care of their furry friends or home while they are away. While this will add some extra responsibility to your daily routine, it’s a relatively easy way to make a few extra bucks each day. 

Cleaning and Decorating Houses

Helping decorate and clean houses during the holiday season is a great way to make some extra cash on the side. Many families will want that extra hand to help set up and clean up their holiday parties. These jobs can be fast-paced and exhilarating since you’ll work late hours and meet new people along the way. 

Christmas Mall Santa Claus or Character

Do you remember sitting on Santa’s lap when you were a kid? Now’s your chance to be Santa and make a child’s Christmas dream come true. You’ll find these jobs at your local mall or shopping center. If you don’t fit the Santa mold, you can also apply to work as a fun holiday character. 

Brand Ambassador

You can become a brand ambassador during the holiday season. You’ll represent a brand, hand out free samples to consumers, and collect their information like their email and phone number. This is a thrilling job to do during the winter as there are tons of events going on where brands will need representatives to work for them. If you’re outgoing, friendly, and sociable, then this is a great seasonal job to apply for. 

Customer Service/ Call Center

Many companies like Apple and prepare for the holiday rush by hiring call center employees to manage their phones. Many people are purchasing products from Apple and for gifts – which means there are more jobs for you! There’s an increase in demand for customer service representatives or call center employees during the holidays, so make sure to cruise job offerings online. 

Snow Removal 

Many landscaping companies switch over to snow removal services in the wintertime. Check around to see if they are in need of extra workers to be on call or service businesses in your area.

Have Fun While Making Extra Cash

The holidays have rolled around and everyone needs the extra money for gifts and parties. While many of these positions are short-term, they can be fun and a great way to make your holiday spending money or to start off the new year with more cash in the bank!