How to Get Old Bank Statements From a Closed Account


Bank accounts are a vital component of your finances. As there are many bank options, some people have multiple bank accounts with different banks or leave a bank to try a new one. When you leave a bank, it might be hard to think of needing anything from them aside from your money, but then you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you need bank statements from a closed account. For example, though rare, your bank statements could come in handy if the IRS audits you. Bank statements? Who keeps those? Not to worry; you can still access them.  

Can I get bank statements from a closed account?

Generally, you can still get bank statements from a closed bank account; it depends on how long the account has been closed. Sometimes, it could be as simple as using your old online banking information and getting the necessary documents. In other cases, you might need to do additional digging, such as calling or writing a letter to your bank. Worst case scenario, not only did you close your account, but the bank closed too. You should contact the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to get your needed help.

How long do banks keep statements on closed accounts?

The FDIC requires any financial institution to keep bank statements for accounts with $100 or more for five years after the account is closed. Your bank is legally required to keep these documents so you can access them. Depending on your bank, there could be a fee associated with getting access to these documents. The cost is typically $1 to $5 per statement. 

Ways to get bank statements from a closed account

Now that you know you can access statements from a closed account, how do you get them? Here are a few ways to access them. 

Log onto your online banking portal

Consider logging on to your online banking like you usually did before closing your account. For example, you may have closed your bank account but may still have access to your online bank portal. Try logging on using your old username and password, and see if you can find your bank statements. 

Contact the bank

You can contact your bank to get access to your old bank statements. Your first reaction might be to go directly to your old favorite branch but try to avoid the urge. Instead, try calling customer service first instead of your local branch, and tell them you’re looking for your bank statements. After that, you may need to submit an official request via mail. The bank might require additional information, and there might be a fee involved, but depending on how long it’s been, they can usually get them to you via mail. 

Request your bank account statements

When you finally decide on the best method to contact your old financial institution, you can move on to the next step and request your documents. Banks have a lot of statements to keep up with, with a retention rate of five years, so when requesting your statements, it is essential to be specific. Let your bank know precisely what you are looking for when you contact them. Be sure to give the exact dates and accounts you want to receive statements for when requesting your statements. Any information you can find or remember about your old account will be helpful, especially old account numbers.  

Be patient in waiting to receive your bank account statements

Larger financial institutions have a process involving numerous departments to retrieve your documents, which may take some time. In addition, though some banks can provide you a pdf copy of your statement depending on how long it has been, there is a chance your statements will need to be mailed directly to you, adding extra time. 

Contact the FDIC 

If you have issues getting statements for your closed bank account, mainly if your bank is now closed, contacting the FDIC could be helpful. It has a toll-free number available Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. ET and on Saturday from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. ET at 877-ASKFDIC (877-275-3342). You can also submit an inquiry online. Depending on your question, you can register and submit requests or submit as a guest. The online submission makes it easy to keep track of your inquiry. 

Get Access To Your Statements 

The process of getting your old bank account statements is pretty straightforward. It’s required by law that the bank keeps them on file for five years, so as long as you are within that time frame, you can submit a request and get your documents either electronically or in the mail. So regardless of why you need statements from a closed bank account, the FDIC has ensured you have access to what you need in a timely manner. 


Can I get bank statements from 15 years ago?

You cannot get bank statements from 15 years ago. Banks are only required to keep statements for five years.

Why am I still getting bank statements if my account is closed?

You can still access your bank statements if your account is closed. If you are still receiving statements, contact your bank to ensure your account is closed.

How can I get information about a closed bank account?

You can contact your financial institution for information, or if you are not sure of the bank, you can contact the FDIC.

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