Make transfers simpler with MoneyLion Pay’s seamless P2P feature


Here’s a question: how can you safely exchange money with your friends without wait times or extra apps to transfer? The answer is MoneyLion Pay. MoneyLion’s brand-new P2P feature is here to facilitate a super-simple way to make money exchanges with your friends and family.

Send and receive money in an instant

Get your money as soon as you need it. With MoneyLion Pay, you can forget about downloading unnecessary apps to transfer money into your bank account. All that’s needed here is your friends’ $RoarTag. Once the payment is sent, the funds land right in your friend’s RoarMoney account and they’re ready to access.

Pro Tip: What is $RoarTag?

It’s everything from a unique way of expressing yourself to enjoying the convenience of exchanging money with friends and family. Using your $RoarTag can benefit you in a handful of ways, such as gaining eligibility for a shot to win our hot giveaways, prizes, and exclusive experiences. Just be sure to make your personalized $RoarTag before someone else thinks of it!

Make your payments worry-free

When it comes to anything involving your money, you want to be reassured that you’re secure. You can use MoneyLion Pay to send safe payments with your RoarMoney account. And remember, we’ve got your back with 24/7 customer support.

Plus, there are no additional fees (*$1 RoarMoney admin fee).

So, you need to send some money to a friend? No problem:

  1. Just open up the MoneyLion app and head to My Accounts
  2. From there, tap on your RoarMoney Banking account. 
  3. You’ll see several options along the center of your menu — tap on Pay
  4. Search or scroll to find your friend’s $RoarTag, enter the dollar amount and a “description” for the transaction — it could be as simple as an emoji. 

Tap Next then Pay and enter your MoneyLion passcode.

You’re all set! Your transfer will be completed within seconds. Paying your pal for that concert ticket, restaurant tab, or ride home has never been easier.

Start moving your money with confidence

This brand-new P2P feature is a great way to seamlessly transfer money whenever, wherever. Start using MoneyLion Pay and enjoy a more optimized money transaction experience — your friends will appreciate it.

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