Payday Loans in Tucson – Finding a Safe Payday Loan Alternative


Do you need to borrow a small amount of cash for a short period of time? Many people that need short-term loans turn to payday loans. Unfortunately, payday loans are predatory lending options that can leave you in even greater financial trouble. Payday loans are also illegal throughout Tucson and Arizona.

There are other ways to access short-term lending solutions and loans without a credit check. Some lending options are safer and more affordable than others. We’ll touch on everything you’ll need to know about accessing extra cash and payday loans in Tucson. Scroll down to get started!

How To Get a Cash Advance in Tucson, AZ

Even though payday loans are banned in Arizona, there are still plenty of lenders that will try to take advantage of your situation to charge you high APRs and extra fees. You don’t need to settle for these types of loans. There are safer and cheaper alternatives you can access just as easily. Here’s our take on the best cash advances in Tucson, AZ. 


Max Advance Amount: $250

APR: 0%

Credit Affects: None

MoneyLion offers interest-free cash advances through Instacash. Instacash is a safe and affordable cash advance that can get you money fast and won’t harm your credit. In fact, you don’t need a credit check in order to qualify. 

Instacash works as an advance on your next paycheck. When your money comes in, you’ll pay back what you’ve borrowed and only what you’ve borrowed. In this way, Instacash is a much more affordable solution for cash advances than typical alternatives. 

Your Instacash funds deposit into your RoarMoney account or external bank account within a couple of days. But if you need your money sooner, you can pay a small fee for instant deposits.

How to Qualify: 

  • 18 years or older
  • History of steady income or deposits 
  • A checking account that’s been open for 60 days or more
  • A positive balance in your checking account

In-Person Lender

Max Loan Amount: Depends on the lender

APR: Max 36% APR and fees are limited to 5% of the amount borrowed

Credit Affects: Most lenders will pull your credit which can negatively impact your score. 

Payday loans are illegal across Arizona. But there are other lending options like installment loans, tribal loans, and secured loans can cause considerable financial harm.

Secured loans are especially risky. Also known as registration or title loans, these loans require you to put up a valuable asset as collateral – usually a car or a home. You could face high-interest rates, and if you are unable to meet your lender’s requirements, you risk losing your property altogether. 

If you do decide to work with one of these lenders, make sure to read the fine print and understand exactly what you are signing up for. You’ll want to know how much money you’ll owe and any additional fees you could be charged for. You can read more about predatory loans and payday loans in Tucson, Arizona here

How to Qualify: 

  • 18 years or older
  • American citizen or permanent resident
  • History of income or consistent deposits 
  • You’ll have to provide your name, date of birth, Social Security number, and a valid ID
  • Active checking account

Instant and Safe Online Loan Options in Tucson

There’s more than one way to access safe cash quickly. Have you looked into instant loan options in Tucson? Take a look at a Credit Builder Loan from MoneyLion. 

Credit Builder Loan

Loan Amount: You could qualify for up to $1,000

Credit Affects: Most Credit Builder Loan members boost their credit score by 60 points in just 60 days! 

MoneyLion’s Credit Builder Loan is a low APR loan that’s a safer alternative to predatory lenders. Credit Builder Loan is designed to get you cash and help you boost your credit at the same time. You can access a loan without credit checks and even if you have no credit history! With a competitively low APR, it’s also easy to make your payments on-time. 

How to Qualify:

  • 18 years or older
  • American citizen or permanent resident
  • Provide your name, date of birth, Social Security number, and a valid ID
  • Active bank account or prepaid card to make payments

Comparing Your Cash Advance Loan Options in Tucson

Looking to compare your options for cash advances in Tucson? Here are the different rates and terms you can expect.  

InstacashCredit Builder LoanIn-Person Lender
How Much Can You Borrow?$250$1,000Depends on the lender
Fees & InterestFree
0% APR
Competitive APR, $19.99/month feeCan be as high as 36% and fees can reach 5% of the amount borrowed
Impacts Your Credit?NoYes, it builds your credit score. Late payments will affect credit.
AvailabilityOnline & MobileOnline & MobileSometimes online & in-person
Wait TimeInstantly*InstantlyUsually within the next business day
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Find better alternatives to predatory payday loans in Tucson

Even though payday loans are banned in Arizona, there are still numerous predatory lenders looking to take advantage of your financial situation. Loans with high APRs and fees can hurt your credit score and leave you worse off financially. 

MoneyLion is a safe alternative that can help you avoid these types of lenders altogether. 

MoneyLion is a one-stop-shop for comprehensive banking and financial needs. You can explore investment accounts and sign up for RoarMoney, the online bank account that lets you get paid up to 2 days early! Earn cashback on debit card purchases, personalized weekly spending reports, and other tools to help you monitor your finances. 

MoneyLion is America’s most financial membership because it helps people get control of their finances. Learn more here!

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Build your credit and save

Join Credit Builder Plus to get a loan up to $1,000, credit monitoring, exclusive rewards, access to 0% APR cash advances, and more. Over half of members raise their credit over 60 points within 60 days!

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