What to Buy in January and February- Holiday Deals

what to buy in january

If you’re looking for a good bargain, the first couple of months of the year might be your prime time to find great deals on things like holiday decorations, travel packages, home goods, and so much more. With the year’s biggest holidays in the rearview mirror, many retailers slow down which can prompt some pretty sweet sales and clearances to make room for upcoming seasons and holidays. 

Best shopping deals in January and February

While it can be tempting to dive headfirst into those low prices, beware of overspending. Make a list of what you need and will actually use before hitting the clearance racks. Check out these 12 deals to help you get exactly what you need for just the right price!

1. Christmas decor

After the new year begins, most Christmas decorations are at the lowest prices they’ll be for the entire year since retailers need to get holiday inventory off the shelves and out of the warehouse. 

While putting away holiday decorations isn’t nearly as much fun as putting them up, it’s a great opportunity to take inventory and make a list of things you’ll need for next year. This way, you’ll know what items you need and you could avoid overspending on lights, garlands, and ornaments. 

2. Gift wrapping supplies

January is the perfect time to stock up on wrapping paper and Christmas cards. You can also look for more neutral gift wrapping supplies to use all year long for other occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so plain red varieties will come in handy.

Stores like Target and Walgreens tend to have huge deals on wrapping supplies. To take your money-saving strategy to the next level, make purchases using your MoneyLion Debit Mastercard® or RoarMoneySM virtual card. You can get up to 5% cash back, cash rewards, and more with every swipe.

3. Travel packages

With people spending the last few months of the year traveling to see family or taking holiday vacations, travel often slows down in January and February. You can use that to your advantage and scope out cheaper hotels, cruises, airfare deals, and all-inclusive travel packages. Check out travel sites like Expedia.com and Travelocity.com for discounts on your next vacation. 

4. Gym memberships and subscriptions

For many people, their number one New Year’s resolution is prioritizing their health. This means you can expect several fitness studios and gyms to offer discounted membership prices. You could also find deals for online fitness subscriptions, weight loss guides, and diet plans. Whether you want to hit the gym or stay home and get your fitness on, look out for these deals to welcome a healthier you. 

5. Fitness gear

Speaking of getting in shape, retailers know you’ll need fitness gear and sporting apparel to go with those new gym memberships and subscriptions. Look for deals at sporting goods and athletic stores offering price cuts on apparel, as well as fitness equipment.

6. Winter apparel 

The best time to buy winter apparel is after the December holidays as you plan for next winter. Most retailers majorly slash prices on their most popular winter apparel brands in late January and early February to make way for their spring collection. 

If you can’t wait to make the purchase, you can use your MoneyLion Debit Mastercard or RoarMoney virtual card. If you find a lower price within 90 days of eligible purchase, you can get a refund for the difference up to $250 per claim (four times per year) with Price Protection.1 So you won’t be overpaying for your cozy winter haul.  

7. Household items

Big retailers often hold what’s known as white sales in January, making it the perfect time to buy household items like towels, sheets, duvets, and beds with deep discounts. 

Check sales at your local stores and go online to see what other retailers offer. Be sure to compare prices and check out in-app deals to get a bigger bang for your buck. 

8. Furniture

Furniture places usually get new inventory around February and August. If you prefer furniture with a wintery feel, you can snag clearing house deals. 

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9. Home theater items 

When it comes to shopping for a new TV or home-theater items, you probably think of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. What you may not know, is the weeks before the Super Bowl are a great time to buy home theater items at discounted prices. Typically before the big game, retailers like Best Buy, Target, and Amazon offer a variety of discounts, even for the latest tech. You can also find awesome TV deals during President’s Day or the weekend right before.

10. Electronics

It seems like we can never have too many electronics these days. If you missed any deals on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, now may be your chance to snag those goodies without missing out on discounts. 

Popular electronics manufacturers launch new products at The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at the beginning of January. As new goods enter the market, the older ones must go.

11. Gift cards

If you received a gift card in your Christmas stocking or for Valentine’s Day that just isn’t quite your vibe, rather than letting it sit in your wallet for eternity, you can trade or even sell it at a lower price. Check out gift card exchange platforms to take advantage of these deals.  

12. Late Valentine’s Day gifts

Cupid’s favorite holiday brings out all the feels and many people look forward to receiving gifts during this time. But if you’re planning to gift something with a hefty price tag that you believe will go on sale in late February, there’s nothing wrong with waiting. Your Valentine shouldn’t care about receiving a gift after February 14 if it’s something special.

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New year, new opportunities 

Don’t forget to plan ahead before starting your shopping so you don’t get roped into buying things just because they’re on sale. Blowing your budget is no way to start the New Year. Over shopping and want to put your money to better use? Skip the January deals and invest in your future instead with a MoneyLion Investment Account. You can start with as little as $5, and there are no asset-based management fees, no minimum balance required, and we help you find the right portfolio for you for just $1 a month. Make 2022 the year you get closer to your goals and step into a healthier financial future!


What typically goes on sale in January and February?

The things that typically go on sale in January and February are home goods, gym memberships and fitness gear, electronics, winter apparel, holidays items, furniture, and travel deals.

Are sales better after the New Year?

Many are, yes, after the New Year many retailers have “white sales” to get rid of winter and holiday inventory to make room for the new season and holidays like Valentine’s Day. 

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