MoneyLion is using big data to revolutionize consumer lending

Alternative lending platforms are the way of the future

We are building innovative data models to optimize both the supply and demand facets of the alternative financial services industry

We use machine learning on unconventional data sources

We engage many areas of machine learning in this process including classification, regression, natural language processing, and associative rule mining

We are building data-driven loan servicing technology

With the constantly changing regulatory environment, properly collecting, using, and storing data is more important than ever. MoneyLion employs stringent compliance policies that are the best in the industry.

We use cutting-edge modeling techniques to make more accurate credit decisions

Our modeling techniques are resulting in higher total approval rate, lower cost of credit to borrowers, and our increased repayment rate compared to the industry standard.

We are bringing data-driven credit underwriting to peer-to-peer and traditional lending spaces

By identifying patterns in multi-level time-series variables we are able to interact historical consumer behavior with current indicators to better predict future behavior. This approach allows for a detailed 360-degree view of a customer that is flexible and continuously updating.

We use richer models with finer granularity

We are making sense of millions of lines of anonymized transactional data. Our models allow us to incorporate hundreds of signals about an individual consumer that result in a clear-cut credit score. Collaboration between MoneyLion IT and Management teams combines CS and industry specific expertise allowing for sophisticated data connection with intelligent results.

Credit is the most expensive for those that can afford it the least

Our behavior-priming platform uses positive psychology to incentivize users to build good financial habits. These habits enable our users to graduate from expensive credit to affordable credit options upon proving their financial responsibility.

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We are building a best-in-class platform designed for optimal customer retention

Customer retention is an invaluable component for increasing profitability in the consumer finance space. Our robust models provide incredible insight, allowing us to continuously enhance customer retention initiatives and transform the consumer finance space.

We are optimizing lending for the new peer-to-peer sharing economy

Our data models are measuring interaction to enable easier and quicker access to existing lending capacity within communities, affinity groups, and personal networks.