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A personalized portfolio, just for you.

We'll help you choose an investment strategy to support your goals. Drag the circle from the left (most conservative) to the right (most aggressive) to see your options.


Steady Income Portfolio

Allen seeks old-fashioned, consistent investment income with an all-bond ETF portfolio and minimal exposure to market fluctuation. He invests in our most conservative portfolio.


Conservative Portfolio

Susan seeks to protect her portfolio by investing mostly in bond ETFs, with only a small allocation to equity ETFs. She prefers higher liquidity and stability, with lower potential returns.


Moderately Conservative Portfolio

Marcus seeks to protect his portfolio by investing heavily in bond ETFs while seeking some growth through equity ETFs. His return potential is greater than Susan’s, but with the addition of increased risk.


Moderate Portfolio

Sean seeks growth while managing risk by investing in bond ETFs and equity ETFs fairly evenly. He may experience some volatility (likely less than the overall market).

Lana B., "The Doer"

Moderately Aggressive Portfolio

Lana takes on higher risk to seek higher potential long-term returns. Her portfolio is weighted more heavily to equity ETFs, but with some bond ETFs to help cushion against volatility.


Aggressive Portfolio

Victoria takes on substantial risk in an attempt to maximize returns investing heavily in equity ETFs, with only 20% of her portfolio in bond ETFs. She may endure volatility in pursuit of higher potential gains.


Equity Only Portfolio

Cassandra seeks higher gains by taking on higher potential risk by investing in equity ETFs only. She may endure the highest volatility in pursuit of the highest long-term potential gains.

  • Steady Income
  • Conservative
  • Moderately Conservative
  • Moderate
  • Moderately Aggressive
  • Aggressive
  • Equity Only