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The MoneyLion network is designed for you: personal loans with great rewards, the flexibility to lower your rates, and tools to improve your financial health.

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On the MoneyLion network, getting endorsed by friends and family helps lower your rates and potentially save you hundreds on your payments.


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Tap the power of your network to make better financial decisions and build your financial reputation.

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Whether it's getting endorsed or paying off a loan, positive financial actions allow you to earn even more instantly redeemable rewards.

MoneyLion Empowers Financial Health Improvement

Even if you're not in the market for a loan, you can take advantage of our free credit monitoring and financial management tools.

Building your financial health on MoneyLion gives you access to better and more affordable financial products over time.

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"MoneyLion is like a fitness coach for my financial health — I get rewards with on-time loan payments and access to tools to help me make smarter financial decisions."


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All loans in the USA with an APR of 29.99% and below are made by Cross River Bank, a Federally insured, New Jersey-based commercial bank. Loans with an APR above 29.99% are made by state licensed subsidiaries. Copyright 2013 - 2016, Moneylion, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

* Our lowest achievable interest rate is 7%. This rate is possible if a customer has a FICO score of 800-850, and if the customer achieves the best possible score on an internal model that analyzes financial suitability and health. Given the manner in which 1) 18% of the MoneyLion population falls within 800-850 FICO and 2) our internal model is self-calibrating based on incoming customers it sees, we have modeled that 10% of customers will achieve a 10% interest rate or better.