Allison Martin

Allison is a veteran writer in the personal finance space. She has covered topics from small business growth, investing, family finances and everything in between. You can see her work here at MoneyLion as well as Investopedia, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo! Finance and ABC News to name a few.

Stories by Allison Martin

Does Opening a Checking Account Affect Credit Score?

The answer is sometimes. Most banks have a simple application process, and some take it a step further by evaluating your creditworthiness. Depending…

raise credit score overnight
Raise Credit Score 100 Points Overnight

What if you could raise your credit score by 100 points overnight to unlock better loan opportunities? We have good news and bad…

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10 Credit Card Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Applying

Credit cards can be a friend or foe of your finances - it depends on how they’re managed.  Before you start swiping away,…

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How Many Credit Cards Should I Have?

You’re thinking of applying for a credit card but wondering if you already have too many. Or maybe you have the opposite problem…

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