Lindsey Ryan

Lindsey is a full-time entrepreneur and part-time writer in the personal finance space. Through writing, she enjoys sharing her knowledge of business growth, family finance and building your financial profile. Her passions outside work include spending time with her family and pets, traveling as much as possible and cooking.

Stories by Lindsey Ryan

what is a living will
What is a living trust and should you have one? 

There are many estate-planning tools that are available to make the transition of assets from beyond the grave a much smoother process. It’s…

auto savings
Auto savings to build your nest egg

It’s no secret that having money in a savings account yields numerous benefits. Not only does saving money provide you with a financial…

Can my employer check my bank account
Can my employer check my bank account?

With identity theft being a serious concern in today's climate, it's not surprising that many people are cautious when asked to hand over…

short credit history
Is short credit history bad?

If you have a steady income but a short credit history, you are viewed as somewhat of a risk because you have no…

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