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Market snapshot 11
Market Snapshot: December 2022

December experienced declines across market indices, capping off a difficult 2022 for investors. Markets initially rose in December on expectations of easier Fed…

lower your rate your way 1
One simple way to find if you’re overpaying for car insurance.

Most car insurance companies typically have the same claim—they can save you money by switching. The truth is many actually can! Car insurance…

shutterstock 1080628919
How Zendrive is changing the insurance game.

Many believe that auto insurers only depend on a few factors to determine premiums—such as occupation, education, and credit score. But Zendrive has…

Blog ML Expert tips to protect your accounts from online fraud 08202018
How To Protect Your Accounts From Online Fraud

It seems as if every other day the news breaks out with the latest cybersecurity breach. However, most cases of online fraud don't…

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