Raise your credit score with our Credit Builder Plus Membership.

Whether you need to establish a credit history or rebuild your credit, Credit Builder Plus Membership helps you build credit while you save — with no hard credit check.

Build my credit today

Total monthly cost includes $19.99 Credit Builder Plus Membership and a periodic loan payment.

Join a powerful credit building program & membership.

get a credit builder loan
Get a credit
builder loan

Apply for a small loan that you repay over time. Your loan payments are reported to credit bureaus which can help you build credit history.

monitor your credit 1
your credit

View your credit score and other key credit factors like credit utilization anytime.

track your progress 1
Track your

Get personalized credit-building insights and tips sent right to your inbox.

It’s proven to build credit!

More than half our members raise their score by up to 27 points within the first 60 days.2

its proven

Take control of building your credit.

Credit affects so many areas of your life — from loans to insurance to housing — so establishing a good score is
essential. And Credit Builder Plus Membership app makes it easy!

It all starts with payment history, the top driver of your credit score.4 Credit Builder Plus Membership includes a loan that helps you establish 12 months of payment history with all three credit bureaus. You’ll also get 24/7 credit monitoring to track your progress.

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5 stars
Awesome finance app!

MoneyLion is not only a really convenient and easy to use app, but it also helps you boost your credit score as long as you keep up on-time payments! How great is that?! See what they do is give you a $1,000 loan, but only make a portion of that loan available to you, that way, once you’re done making your on-time payments, you can have the rest of the cash to spend however you’d like PLUS a credit score boost! WIN-WIN!!!

– Ciara

How the Credit Builder Plus Membership works.

Here’s an explanation of how our credit builder loan helps you get some money for today while building credit and savings for tomorrow:


Apply for a loan up to $1,000 with no hard credit check.

Your money is secured and protected. Your money is kept safe with a competitive interest rate.


Pay off your loan over 12 months.

Set up automatic loan repayments timed to your pay cycle for easy, manageable payments.


Build credit history with each on-time payment.

Get your on-time payments reported to all three credit bureaus each month to help you boost your credit score.


Unlock your savings
after building credit.

Receive the funds from your Credit Reserve Account to spend however you want after you pay off your full loan amount!5

Track your credit while you build.

We'll check your top four credit score factors on a weekly basis and send you updates on how you're doing.

  • Positive payment history
  • Credit age
  • Credit utilization
  • Credit inquiries
100 %
Positive payment history

Your score improves when you have less negative marks or late payments.

20 Years
Credit age

Lenders and creditors like to see credit ages of at least 8 years.

100 %
Credit utilization

Lenders like to see a credit usage under 30%.

20 Inquiries
Credit inquiries

Apply for accounts that require a hard credit inquiry within a month to minimize the credit score impact.

A Your Grade
A Your Grade
F Your Grade
F Your Grade

Start building your card today.

Apply for a Credit Builder Plus Membership now to unlock a powerful membership and get a personalized credit builder loan offer up to $1,000.

Build my credit today

Credit Climber Spotlight

Restore your credit score.

Great APP

"I like this app. It has a great credit builder. I’ve seen my score increase already. It’s also the best app for loan advances."

Leticia O
Ten stars

"If you need to rebuild your credit or need fast cash for bills. I suggest MoneyLion. When you have bad credit you feel like your stuck in this black hole and can’t get out. MoneyLion gives you an opportunity to save invest and build your credit all in one place. I would give 10⭐️✨✨?? Stars if I could!"

Great service.

"Great service.. fast and service.. instant money when you need it not like other apps that make you wait after you pay them back like a few days till they let you again.. thank you and I plan on keeping this great bank and also the loan program is awesome build my credit and get money when other have said no."


"Never seen anything similar to it. Helps build your credit. Gives you a bump in pay on payday. Once paid back up can instantly borrow again. Love it."

Precious Turner
It was pretty good to get a little in…

"It was pretty good to get a little in the beginning and then pay and get a lump sum at the end. I’m on my last payment so we’ll see how getting my money back goes but with everything else I’ve dealt with with Moneylion, I’m confident there will be no issue with that either. I recommend them for people who need to build a little credit."


"No hidden fees, straight forward, Easy system for repayment and requests. Even gave me a credit builder loan when no one else would so I really like them so far"

Your great service has helped me and…

"Your great service has helped me and saved my credit unbelievably. I was able to pay an unexpected payment due to your wonderful service. I love you ! And thank you so VERY MUCH..... PATRICIA BUGARIN"

MoneyLion is a very helpful app.

"I’ve done the credit builder loan twice and it’s super easy and it helped raise my credit score. Granted it takes a full year to pay the loan back but it’s such a low payment I never notice the payment that is automatically withdrawn from my checking account every Friday. The Instacash option is a helpful feature as well if you a little extra cash before payday! "