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How To Set Up Instacash

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Link your checking account to qualify for 0% APR cash advances in minutes. No credit check.

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Request an advance in the app, get your cash in seconds, and pay it back interest free.

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Get some extra cash fast — whether you need to pay a bill, avoid a late fee, fill the tank, or treat yourself to a night out! Instacash helps you handle all of life’s fun and not-so-fun surprises.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Instacash?
  • To apply for instant cash advances up to $250, tap Instacash on the Home screen of the MoneyLion app. You’ll find out right away how much you can get. There’s no interest, no monthly fee, and no credit check! Here’s more info on qualifying.
  • It’s easier to increase your available Instacash amount by setting up direct deposits into a RoarMoney account. You’ll unlock cash advances equal to 30% of your direct deposit amount per pay period or benefit check. So if you deposit $600, you’re eligible for $180 in Instacash.
  • Open the app, go to the Finances tab.
  • Tap the Instacash button at the top.
  • Tap the Request button
  • Select the amount you want, and how soon you would like the funds transferred to your account.
  • When you use Instacash, the amount you borrowed is automatically deducted from your account on the due date as determined by your pay cycle – with no interest. You can take another Instacash once you repay your last Instacash as long as you maintain your eligibility.


Will Instacash affect my credit?

No! We don’t do any sort of credit pull or credit check during or after an Instacash request.

How much does Instacash cost?

You can unlock Instacash for free. There’s no monthly fee and no interest. Any delivery fees and tips are totally optional. Whether you choose to tip and which delivery method you use does NOT impact your access to Instacash.

Each time you get an Instacash advance, you can select from these disbursement options, some of which have associated costs:

  • Regular delivery (12 – 48 hours) to your RoarMoney account – $0
  • Regular delivery (3 – 5 business days) to your external checking account – $0
  • Turbo (instant) delivery to your RoarMoney account – $3.99**
  • Turbo (instant) delivery to an external checking account or debit card – $4.99**

Lastly, every time you take an interest-free cash advance, we request you to leave a small optional tip. These tips help us cover the high costs of keeping Instacash interest free and readily available to as many members as possible. We’re all in this together!

**Turbo Service provided by a third party, LionPay LLC.

How will my Instacash advance be repaid?

Instacash repayments are automated, making it easy to pay on time and replenish your Instacash so it’s ready when you need it next! You will owe the amount that you borrowed plus any fee for turbo delivery (only if selected!) and any optional tip you chose to leave (thank you). There’s no interest charged.

Here’s how automated Instacash repayments work:

  • If you have a RoarMoney account, we’ll automatically deduct your repayment once your Instacash is due. If there is not enough balance in your account, we will deduct a partial repayment and try again the next day, until the Instacash is fully repaid.
  • If you do not have a RoarMoney account, or if your RoarMoney account doesn’t have funds to cover what you owe, we will use the alternate debit card you designated for Instacash repayments. If there is not enough in your balance, we will try later when you have a balance or a deposit is expected.

Make sure to keep your RoarMoney account funded to ensure quick Instacash repayments and seamless Instacash access! You can transfer funds into the account anytime right in the app.

To find out more about how you can manually repay your Instacash, please see How can I repay my Instacash manually or watch the video below!


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