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Many people today struggle to make their cash go as far as it once did. Costs are rising, wages are standing still, and savings accounts can’t be relied on for income like they used to. People are searching for steady financial ground. Something to rely on, like previous generations had.

That’s why we built a portfolio that takes you back to the good old days of consistent investment income. Introducing SteadyIncome℠.* No big swings. No stress. Just an estimated better return than letting your cash sit around.

A conservative approach to investing

SteadyIncome is designed to be very conservative (less risky), investing only in fixed income (bond) exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The portfolio focuses on generating yield and income through these investments. If you are new to investing or prefer stability, this is a great, practical way to get started.

Essentially, it’s a place to park your cash that’s safer than investing in stocks but that provides greater estimated returns than a traditional savings account. With the SteadyIncome portfolio, you can potentially earn more income than the average savings account offers today.

We’ll put your money to work

Why let your cash sit in a savings account when you can put it in a SteadyIncome portfolio and earn extra interest and dividend income while you mull your next move?

If you already have a MoneyLion Investment account, you can choose the SteadyIncome portfolio by using the Risk Slider in the MoneyLion app:

  1. Go to My Portfolio in the Finances tab.
  2. Tap Edit Allocation.
  3. Use the Risk Slider to choose SteadyIncome (move slider all the way left).

We’ll rebalance your portfolio at no cost. And you can always go back to something more aggressive later if you’d like to make another change.

Just joining MoneyLion? Once you open your investment account, you can switch to the SteadyIncome portfolio using the Risk Slider. In order to access the Risk Slider, go to your portfolio page and tap Edit Allocation.

See Table 1 below for details on the ETFs in the SteadyIncome portfolio.

Get started investing with MoneyLion

MoneyLion believes everyone deserves a path to their dreams, and our managed investment account has no asset-based management fees, no minimums, and no experience needed.

Whether you invest $5 or $5,000, you get:

  • Fully managed investing
  • Personalized asset allocation and ETFs
  • Periodic rebalancing to keep you on track
  • No investment minimums and no management fees
  • Option to adjust your portfolio to be more or less aggressive

How investing with us works

Ready to make the most of your money? We’ll create a personalized portfolio of stock and bond ETFs for you. And whenever you add money to your investment account, we’ll buy shares or fractions of shares on your behalf to put your money to work.

Table 1: SteadyIncome portfolio holdings (as of April 15, 2019)

Fund Name Ticker Overview
Cash CASH Includes consistent cash allocation to provide liquidity for rebalancing and stability for portfolio
iShares Short-Term Treasury Bond ETF SHV Provides low-risk base for capital preservation and safety, with little duration and source of income
iShares Floating Rate Corp Bond ETF FLOT Lowers risk of portfolio by lowering duration and interest rate risk while providing additional yield
Vanguard Short-Term Bond (1-5 yr) ETF BSV Provides low-risk base for capital preservation and safety and slightly higher source of income than Ultra Short Bonds
iShares 0-5 High Yield Bond ETF SHYG Enhances yield of portfolio but with very little increase to credit risk and virtually no duration risk
Vanguard Aggregate Bond ETF BND Provides safety during risk-off environment
Vanguard Int’l Bond ETF BNDX Enhances portfolio diversity and yield and serves as risk-off hedge for global markets (no currency risk)

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