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Show your money that you’re the boss with a banking app that lets you effortlessly manage your finances — all in one place.

MoneyLion is a financial technology company, not a bank. RoarMoney℠ is powered by Pathward®, N.A., Member FDIC

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Personalized FINANCIAL advice

Make Friends
with Your Finances

Wish you had a better relationship with money and more control over your finances? There’s an app for that!

With our personal finance app, you can unite your financial life (no matter how chaotic) into one simple view that makes it easy to gain control and boost financial health.

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find financial advice


All you have to do is link your financial accounts — it’s quick and secure — and our app uses sophisticated artificial intelligence to deliver personalized financial advice and alerts, such as when you may be overpaying for subscriptions or banking fees.

financial and credit tracking


Use the app’s Financial Heartbeat feature — a fitness tracker for your finances — to monitor key factors like spend, income, and credit.

budgeting and saving tools


Swipe through advice on where you may be overspending and could cut back and get alerts when your spending is creeping up in certain categories.

personalized financial advice


Receive daily tips, news, and educational content customized to your financial goals, challenges, and activities.

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premium personal banking mobile

Manage everything money

Premium Personal

MoneyLion is the perfect online banking app for all your need. It’s like air traffic control for all your financial accounts.

Manage your money with ease, in the palm of your hand:

  • Check your near real-time balances across accounts and make fast transfers, so your money is always right where you need it
  • Set up customized alerts, such as for spending activity and deposits, or when your balance drops out of your comfort zone, to stay on top of all your banking activity
  • Get detailed reports on your spending habits by category, get paid up to two days early1 and earn cashback rewards with our powerful RoarMoney mobile banking account

Do Everything Money, In One Financial App

credit building and monitoring

Credit Building and Monitoring

A Credit Building and Monitoring App

Want to build and monitor your credit? You can do that in our app! We offer the Credit Builder Plus membership, which includes loans up to $1,000, reporting to all three credit bureaus, 24/7 credit monitoring with insights on credit factors like your credit age and utilization.

Money is easier when you can manage your credit building goals alongside your financial accounts in one banking app.

a cash advance app

Cash Advances with Zero Interest 24/7

A Cash Advance App — With No Credit Check

Access to extra cash as part of a banking and budgeting app? You got it!

While you’re managing your money like a boss in our mobile banking app, you can spot yourself interest-free Instacash cash advances up $250 anytime. There’s no credit check to apply and no monthly fee or interest. Just fast cash when you need it.

financial fitness tracker

Financial Fitness Tracker

A Powerful Personal FINANCE App

We built America’s first financial fitness tracker in our mobile banking app to make monitoring your finances easy and fun!

The Financial Heartbeat is a personal finance feature that measures five key parts of your finances (Spend, Save, Shield, Score, and Strive) and sums them up into a simple score (1-10) in real time. Think of it as a GPS to your financial dreams!

loans markertplace

Loans Marketplace

A Loan App for
All Credit Types

Want more options to meet a variety of credit scores? You can browse offers from our trusted partners and apply right in the MoneyLion app’s Loans Marketplace.

Browse offers for loans, credit cards, debt solutions, insurance, credit building and more. We regularly add offers that might help you meet your goals and share them in our banking app.

Personalized FINANCIAL Advice

Take Charge Today

When you’re in control of your money, everything else in life feels easier. It’s all possible with the MoneyLion banking app.
Let’s get you started:

  1. Join now to create an account with your primary email address and full legal name (using your full name will make it easier if you want to open any accounts or access cash advances in the future).
  2. Download the MoneyLion app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and log in.
  3. Choose the features that look good to you!
take charge today