Sarah Edwards

Sarah Edwards has been passionate about financial literacy and helping others conquer their money woes. She has a knack for breaking down complex financial topics into words that make sense to the average reader. Sarah regularly covers personal finance, credit, debt, insurance, crypto, and small business.

Stories by Sarah Edwards

How to Get a Quick Loan with No Credit
How to Get a Quick Loan With No Credit

If you’ve found yourself facing unexpected expenses, you might decide that getting a loan is the next best step. But what if you…

84-Month Auto Loan
84-Month Auto Loan: Is It Worth It?

If you’re applying for car loans, you might already be looking forward to the freedom of having your loan paid off. But as…

Cash Out Auto Refinance
Cash-Out Auto Refinance: A Smart Financial Move or a Risky Decision?

You might already be familiar with cash-out refinancing for mortgages. But did you know you can go through the same process with a…

Emergency Fund Calculator
Emergency Fund Calculator: Build Your Safety Net

Think fast: How long could you afford to live if you lost your job? According to a much-publicized survey from Bankrate, over two-thirds…

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