How To Make Money Online: 50 Ideas in 2023

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If you’re looking for an easy way to make money there are more options available than you may think. For instance, there are plenty of ways to make money online from the comfort of your own home. Whether you need to make some extra cash outside of your regular job, if you need to be able to work from home or any other situation, this article has got you covered. 

50 ways to make money online in 2023

Here are 50 different ways you can get more money in your pocket. 

Start a blog

Create a blog around a specific niche and monetize it through advertising, sponsored posts or affiliate marketing. Maybe you’re thinking, “How can I make money?” Write a blog about that.

Write a book

If you have more to say than can fit in a blog or you’ve got a fun story to tell, try writing a book and then publishing and monetizing it through sites like Barnes & Noble Press

Play games

Some apps like the Earn App will give you money just for playing games or listening to music. 

YouTube channel

Create and monetize a YouTube channel by publishing videos on various topics and earning money through ads and sponsorships.

Online surveys

Participate in online surveys and get paid for sharing your opinions and feedback.

Focus groups

Participate in market research studies or focus groups and get paid for sharing your opinions through Respondent. You can also get paid to moderate and facilitate online focus group discussions for market research purposes.

Freelance writing

Offer your writing services to clients and get paid for creating content like articles, blog posts or copywriting. Check out who’s hiring on sites like

Become a mock juror

Attorneys sometimes need to test how their cases will play out in a jury. Sign up to get paid as a mock juror through platforms like EJury and Online Verdict.

Teach online classes

Get paid to host online classes over the platform Festi. You can teach fitness or cooking classes over Zoom, turning your passion into a way to earn money.

Virtual assistant

Provide administrative support to individuals or businesses remotely, handling tasks like email management, scheduling or data entry. Sites like 24/7 Virtual Assistants and FancyHands give easy access to those gigs. 

Online tutoring

Share your knowledge and skills by tutoring students online in subjects like math, language or test preparation. You can market yourself and get matched with students over platforms like and Cambly.


Start an online store without inventory by partnering with suppliers who handle product storage, packaging and shipping.

Social media management

Help businesses manage their social media accounts, create content, engage with followers and grow their online presence. You can find gigs like that through the platform Working Not Working.

Online coaching or consulting

Offer your expertise in areas like business, health or personal development, providing one-on-one or group coaching sessions. Websites like Kajabi help people get started.

Graphic design

If you’re artistic and looking for an outlet that lets you earn money for your creativity, check out sites like Fiverr that set you up with people in need of your services. Use your design skills to create logos, marketing materials or digital assets for clients.

Share your internet connection

Let people use your internet over Honey Gain. Lots of people earn $55 a month by not doing anything at all. 

Store stuff

Another way to make passive income is to meet with people over and offer your unused space as a storage facility. 

E-commerce store

Sell physical products online through platforms like Shopify, Etsy, Uncommon Goods or Amazon.

App development

Develop and sell mobile apps for smartphones or tablets. Look for someone in need of help over or AppyPie


Start a podcast, grow your audience and monetize it through sponsorships, advertising or crowdfunding.

Language translation

Offer translation services for documents, websites or audio/video content. Sites like Unbabel and Gengo can set you up with a translation gig. 

Web design

Create visually appealing and functional websites for individuals or businesses.

Software development

Develop and sell software or digital tools to solve specific problems or cater to niche markets.

Influencer marketing

Build a large following on social media and collaborate with brands as an influencer to promote their products or services. Earn a commission for every sale or referral made through your affiliate links.

Make music

Over the platform SongFinch, users can create music that people specifically request. Writers, producers and artists all keep their own rights to the songs and get paid for their use.  

Podcast editing

Offer audio editing services to podcasters to enhance the quality of their episodes.

Travel agent

Help individuals or businesses book flights, hotels and vacation packages as a virtual travel agent.

Domain flipping

Make money online from home by buying and improving existing websites, then selling them at a higher price. 

Web development

Build and customize websites for clients based on their specific needs.

Online advertising

Manage pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns for businesses to drive traffic and generate leads.

Stock trading

Buy and sell stocks, commodities or currencies online to make a profit from market fluctuations.

Virtual events or conference organizing

Assist in planning and coordinating virtual events, conferences or webinars.

Data entry

Provide data entry services to businesses or organizations remotely. Find jobs for data entry through sites like FlexJobs

Voice-over work

Use your voice to record audio for commercials, audiobooks, e-learning courses or videos.

Online market research

Conduct research and analysis for businesses, providing insights into market trends and customer preferences.


Transcribe audio or video files for clients, converting spoken content into written form. Sites like Rev and TranscribeMe help you get paid for that service. 

Virtual tech support

Provide technical support to individuals or businesses remotely, helping them troubleshoot software or hardware issues.

Online event ticketing

Create and manage an online platform for selling event tickets.

Online fundraising

Organize and promote fundraising campaigns for charitable causes or personal projects.

Resume writing

Offer professional resume writing services to job seekers, helping them craft effective resumes.

Website testing

Test and review websites for usability, functionality and user experience.

Social media advertising

Manage social media advertising campaigns for businesses to increase their online visibility and reach.

SEO consulting

Help businesses improve their website’s search engine rankings and organic traffic through search engine optimization techniques.

Online dating consulting

Provide guidance and advice to individuals seeking help with online dating profiles and strategies.

Event planning

Plan and coordinate in-person events remotely and online. Find locations and organize venders.

Sell your photos

Take photos of beautiful scenes or generic things news stations and documentaries might want to use, then sell them online over Shutterstock or Adobe Stock.

Remote bookkeeping

Provide bookkeeping and accounting services to businesses remotely.

Online legal consulting

Offer legal advice and consulting services to clients through virtual platforms.

Virtual interior design

Provide interior design services, helping clients decorate and design their spaces remotely.

Online research and fact-checking

Conduct research and fact-checking tasks for individuals or businesses, providing accurate information on specific topics.

The new American way: making money in your PJs

According to a survey conducted in 2023 by Bankrate, 45% of adults stated that they generated additional income online. That number is only rising now that there are endless options for how to earn money online. Whether you’re looking to supplement your income or work entirely online, options are available for you. The question of how to make money online depends on your talents and interest, but there is something available for everyone.


How much money can I realistically make online?

How much money you can make online will depend on the work you’re doing and the time you commit. Your work online could replace your 9-to-5 job if you find a good niche.

Is it possible to make a full-time income online?

It is completely possible to make as much money online as you would in a traditional 9-to-5 office job. Just keep in mind, you may not get the same benefits like healthcare and paid family leave.

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