Anna Yen

Anna Yen, CFA, has nearly 2 decades of experience in financial markets, primarily with JPMorgan and UBS. Currently, she manages digital assets and her goal at FamilyFI is to empower families with financial literacy. She’s worked in 5 countries and visited 57.

Stories by Anna Yen

Why Do You Need Car Insurance
Why Do You Need Car Insurance? (10 Critical Reasons To Be Insured)

Even if you’re the best driver on Earth, you can’t account for other drivers’ actions. That makes insurance crucial. On top of that,…

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Where Can I Find Guaranteed Loans for Bad Credit?

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how to improve credit score in 3 months
How to Improve Credit Score in 3 Months

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talk about money
5 Reasons You Should Talk About Money

Whether talking about money is too personal or taboo, keeping quiet about your finances is common. Talking about money can bring out insecurities…

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