Anna Yen

Anna Yen, CFA, has nearly 2 decades of experience in financial markets, primarily with JPMorgan and UBS. Currently, she manages digital assets and her goal at FamilyFI is to empower families with financial literacy. She’s worked in 5 countries and visited 57.

Stories by Anna Yen

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How Long Does It Take To Increase Your Credit Limit?

Credit cards help you keep up with your monthly bills. But what happens if you need extra cash now and are at your…

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What Is A Simple-Interest Loan?

A simple-interest loan refers to a loan that calculates interest charges based on the remaining principal of the amount you borrowed. With each…

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What Is A Benefit Of Obtaining A Personal Loan?

Personal loans are a financial offering you may come across during a trip to a bank or its website. You might wonder what…

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9 Tips For How To Use A Credit Card Wisely

Credit cards make life easier. You don’t have to worry about cash or paying immediately. You can also buy almost anything you need…

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