Reduce Bills

Reduce bills

Slash your bills.
Boost your savings.

Enjoy your life while we find you smart ways to save on your bills.

Easy process

Some of our partners will negotiate to reduce your bills, requiring minimal to no effort on your part.


Choose how you want to reduce your bills, from using bill negotiators to opting for clean energy sources.

No upfront cost

If our partners can't find any savings for you, using the service won't cost you anything.

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Go green to save some green.

Go green to save some green.

Lower utility cost by switching to sustainable energy or comparing energy supply partners.

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Sit back and chill. Our partners talk down your bill.

Sit back and chill. Our partners talk down your bill.

Our partners negotiate your bills for you, allowing you to lower your expenses and enjoy your savings.

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  1. Download the MoneyLion app. Tap the "$" in your tab to go to 'Products & Offers' and scroll to the 'Reduce Bills' category.
  2. Choose a service to reduce bills in areas you want.
  3. Let our partners find savings opportunities in your bills.

You've got questions. We have answers.

How long does bill negotiation take?

The overall bill negotiation process may take anywhere between 5 minutes to a few hours.

How can I check if my bill is accurate?

Check the accuracy of your utility bill by comparing your bills over time to identify any significant changes or anomalies.

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