Tips for making more money

making more money

Making more money means more opportunities. For example, you can go on an extra vacation, build your nest egg, or cover your living expenses without as much stress. If you want more financial flexibility in your life, you need to make more money while spending less of it. 

Today, we’re offering several tips to help you make more money, but don’t limit yourself to one item on this list. Picking up extra income streams also offers more protection in case one of them dries up.

15 ways to start bringing in extra cash

There are many options when it comes to making money. Some of these income streams may start out as side hustles and produce full-time income in the future. We’ll share 15 income growth ideas to consider.

Pick up hours at your job

Start with the easy wins and quick conclusions. If you have enough time in your schedule, ask your boss about working extra hours so that you can qualify for overtime. Five hours of overtime per week can provide enough cash to reduce your financial stress. This additional work only averages an extra hour at the workplace per day. 

Ask for a raise

Asking for a raise can help you make more money without having to work even more. By combining a raise with overtime hours, you can set yourself up to earn even more cash. The worst-case scenario is that your boss rejects your request. 

While you only know if you try, you can optimize your pitch to increase your chances. Research your current position and find the average salary in your area. If you make less than the average salary, present this data to your boss when asking for a raise. 

Let your boss know about your job responsibilities and how the company benefits from your work. Presenting yourself well can inspire a boss to pay you higher than the average worker in your position and state. 

You may get some brushback and questions, but stand firm. Present information and data points that demonstrate your worth and how much your company needs your work.

The boss may give you a raise, but if they don’t, you may want to consider looking for another job. Bosses may panic if they see you looking at other employers and may pay you extra to stay with them.

Sell your stuff online

Cleaning up clutter reduces stress and simplifies your life. Some people don’t get around to it because of the time commitment. You can make money decluttering your home by selling your stuff online. 

Getting rid of old electronics, clothing, appliances, artwork, knick-knacks, and other items will clear your mind and add money to your pocket. You can use Poshmark, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace to sell your belongings.

Get a second job

A second job opens up new career opportunities and puts more money in your pocket. You can opt for a flexible part-time job that turns your weekends into extra cash. Waitressing and bartending jobs are two of the many jobs that provide flexibility. 

Boost your earning potential

Employers will pay high salaries for in-demand skills. Acquiring these skills will expand your career opportunities and potentially lead to a better-paying job. You can also look at your company and see what in-demand skills they need. 

You can learn about any skill via online courses, books, podcasts, and other content. You can consume content and enroll in courses at your own pace. Online courses typically cost far less than college courses that teach the same skills. Look for skills that pay well, and start learning about them.

Sell handmade goods

Do you have a knack for crafting handmade goods? Sites like Etsy or Artfire let you list your handmade goods for sale. You’ll spend more time practicing your craft and building a brand around your work. 

After getting enough customers, some Etsy and Artfire sellers turn the initial side hustle into a full-time business. You can also explore local flea and farmer’s markets to see if you can sell your items locally.

Babysitter or petsit

Watching people’s children and pets can provide a steady stream of flexible income. You can watch over them during the evenings after you stop working for the day. 

Many online platforms like connect families with caretakers, providing you with a path to part-time, full-time, or sporadic services. Depending on the responsibilities, you may have some flexibility to work on your computer while looking over children and pets.

Tutor others

People will pay you to teach them a new skill. Some of your skills will be in high demand, but it’s easy to take some skills for granted so try not to overlook the value you can bring to others. Depending on your talents, you can teach languages, fitness exercises, and other skills. 

Some fitness lovers become coaches, personal trainers, or group fitness instructors. You can also earn by teaching others online. Expanding your services online gives you a larger pool of potential customers. For example, you can try hopping on coaching calls with clients or creating training courses for your students.

Pick up temporary work

Not everyone wants to pick up another job. Instead of committing yourself to part-time or full-time work, you can pick up temporary work. Some companies hire seasonal workers to help with increased demand. 

These jobs are often easy to understand and will strengthen your resume for future job opportunities. Browse for temporary work that won’t affect your current job commitments. Some companies offer temporary remote work, giving you more flexibility to work at optimal times.

Become a virtual assistant

Business owners hire virtual assistants to perform various tasks. They often look for remote talent, making you a potential candidate. Virtual assistants often get to work on their schedules. 

Some business owners may want you to respond to emails at specific times, but the career path provides significant flexibility. Some virtual assistants start part-time and get enough clients to transition to full-time services. 

You can expect to perform tasks such as taking calls, scheduling appointments, and managing travel arrangements. Look at virtual assistant job descriptions to determine common tasks, and sharpen your skills in those areas. Browse through sites like Upwork to find a virtual assistant job. Employers add new jobs to Upwork every minute. 

Do tasks for others

Business owners aren’t the only people who need help with tasks. People in your area may need help with cleaning, furniture assembly, or home improvement. You can find these clients on sites like Handy or TaskRabbit

You can work as much or as little as you want on these sites. You may have an open weekend where you can work the entire day for clients. On other weekends, you may prefer to take an off day. Performing tasks for others under this format gives you more control over your hours.

Work for Amazon

Amazon is one of the world’s largest employers. They offer many jobs, from driving and warehouse work. The company is always looking to hire and offers seasonal work. You can earn some extra cash working for Amazon during the holidays and add that experience to your resume.

Sell your photography 

Your great photos can turn into passive income streams. Photographers can list their images on  Picfair and other sites to make money from their photography. You can sell digital downloads and prints for your photography. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to sell your images, and you can generate passive income after publishing your listings.

Do remote work

Many businesses have warmed up to remote work in recent years. Remote work offers more control over your schedule, enabling you to keep up with current commitments. 

You can list your services on Fiverr, look for remote work on Upwork, or browse remote job listings. Some clients may offer limited hours and work, giving you the capacity to work with multiple clients and diversify your income.

Get a side gig

You can select from many side hustle opportunities to generate extra cash. Side gigs give you the flexibility to earn money whenever and wherever you want. Side gigs give you extra income streams and teach you new skills. Some of these opportunities can evolve into businesses.

Bring in extra money

These 15 tips will diversify your income and help you cover more expenses. You can save more money for the next vacation, your retirement plan, or another cost. 

More money will provide you with more opportunities. Give some of these tips a try and focus on the ones that ultimately generate the best results for you! 


What are 4 tips to increase your income?

You can learn new skills, apply to higher paying jobs, work more hours, and look for side hustles.

How can I make an extra $1000 a month?

You have many choices to make an extra $1,000 a month ranging from a second job, side hustling, asking for a raise, and more. 

What can I do to earn money from home?

Employers are looking for remote workers, and you can work on side hustles as well. Look for skills with demand, build up your knowledge, and start applying for opportunities

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