10 Ways to Make $500 a Week


Do you dream of paying off your credit cards? Have you always wanted to squirrel away some extra cash for a fun vacation? Let’s take a look at five jobs and five side hustles that can bring in $500 per week — you’ll score some extra moolah in no time. 

Jobs that Pay $500 a Week

These jobs pay at least $500 a week and don’t require a college degree or any specialized skills. Do you already have a day job? Luckily, these jobs can be flexible and fit into evening and weekend hours. Let’s take a look.  

Call Center Representative

A call center representative can mean a number of things for a range of organizations, but one thing is for sure — you do need to be great at communication and have a conversational, friendly tone of voice. Let’s say you opt to go the full-time route with this job. The average starting wage is $15 an hour, so a 40-hour workweek could land you over $500 and could even promise a rewarding start to a potential lifelong career. Search Indeed.com for openings.

Retail Associate

Do you have a knack for fashion and think you can help shoppers find that perfect going-out ensemble? A retail associate job could be a great fit — pun intended. Your hours could be flexible, too — you can work after your regular job or work full time. The average starting wage is between $16 and $22 an hour, which will translate to a weekly paycheck well within your $500 goal. Not to mention, you’ll probably get an employee discount!


Housekeeping is something you can do independently or under an agency. Let’s say you choose to do this job independently. You can bring in at least $500 a week if you clean 2–3 houses a day. Under an agency, you might need to clean 4–5 houses per day to bring in the same amount. Start building up your clientele and that $500 will be in your pocket in no time. Try using Care.com to find jobs or start letting friends and family know that you’re looking to pick up work as a housecleaner.

Work in a Restaurant 

Do you enjoy entertaining guests and making sure they have an enjoyable experience during their night out? Pick up a few shifts as a waiter or bartender. If you make it all the way up to the restaurant manager, you could make roughly $22 an hour. Why not make restaurant managing a part-time job and tack on a side hustle, too? 

Emergency Call Operator

There’s no question about it — being an emergency call operator is not for the faint of heart. But if you can handle emotional callers and stressful situations, you just might build yourself a profitable career. Most 911 operators start off around $20 per hour — this job is one of the most profitable on our list. Visit 911DispatcherEDU.org to learn more.

Side Hustles to Boost Your Income

Are you looking for something to keep you busy after work or school and still get paid? These five side hustles will definitely help you bring home the bacon. 

Uber Driver

Driving for Uber is convenient because you get to pick your hours and customize the experience you have with your riders. Uber claims that drivers make an average of $25 an hour, including tips. At this rate, you can drive for 20 hours a week and significantly boost your weekly income. 

Here’s a tip to potentially make even more: Try giving your passengers a memorable and pleasant experience by providing them with a phone charger, small candies or gum and letting them pick the radio (or Spotify) station. You’ll likely get a bigger tip on top of the fare they’re already being charged. 


DoorDash is a food ordering app that allows customers to get their food delivered to their doorstep quickly. You make a percentage off of the food sale, plus tips and a rate for drive time. You’re looking at roughly $15–20 an hour for most deliveries. Work this job on the side for around 25 hours a week and you’ll get yourself an extra $500 to spend however you’d like. Not bad for driving around listening to tunes and making hungry people happy!


Are you one of the few who truly enjoy grocery shopping? If so, Instacart is the perfect side hustle for you. You do the shopping, check-out, bagging and delivering. There is no guaranteed rate, but it’s reported that the average hourly rate for Instacart shoppers is $11. 

You’d have to work over a 40-hour workweek at this rate to hit the $500 mark, but getting tips on top of that rate may shorten the load to 30 hours per week. It’s also a side hustle you could work around your day job.

Website Tester

All you need for this gig is a computer and a keen sense of web function. There are quite a few companies looking for web testers. One excellent site is TryMyUI. TryMyUI simply asks you to be yourself — and give feedback on websites. The company pays $10 for each test, which usually lasts around 20 minutes. You’d need to test 50 web pages to rack up $500 a week, which would take just over 16 hours — not bad! 

Online Researcher 

You might want to try your hand as an online researcher. Some companies gather research so they can put compelling information in front of their readers. Wonder, an online company, asks you to dig deep into some questions it poses. The company might ask something like, “How do you potty train a dog?” and you’ll help answer the question. Wonder pays $25 per hour for this type of work. Luckily, that means you only have to work 20 hours a week to receive that $500. 

Take the First Step

Land yourself one of these jobs or side hustles that pay $500 a week. You’ll be able to attain your goals and supplement your income — but the key is to take action and apply for one of them. Keep your end goal in your sights: Your financial freedom, airline ticket for that vacation or knocking out credit card debt is just around the corner.

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