33 Weekend Side Hustles to Earn Extra Cash

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Weekend Side Hustles

Earning extra cash on the weekends can go a long way toward building your savings, covering living expenses and purchasing goods for yourself and your loved ones. Side hustles have become increasingly common, and aspiring side hustlers can choose from several income streams. You can start with one side hustle or incorporate several, depending on your bandwidth. 

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Why have a side hustle during the weekend?

Working on a side hustle during the weekend will increase your income, but also sharpen your career skills and help make you more effective at your full-time job. Stronger performance at a full-time job can eventually result in a raise or give you the opportunity to seek out a higher-paying job.  

Some side hustles let you meet new people and build your network — major benefits that can speed up your career advancement. These jobs tend to be flexible. You can take breaks when you want to but also work more hours if you have extra time and want to get more cash.

33 weekend side jobs

Looking for a starting point for your side hustle journey? These 35 weekend side hustle jobs can turn into new income streams, and some of them can turn into full-time pay.

1. Influencer

Whether its content creation or brand collaboration anyone can become an influencer by just posting about and promoting their favorite brands and products. Once you gain a following and brand recognition, companies will reach out with monetary compensation opportunities. 

2. Freelance writing

Freelance writers create content for influencers, small businesses and corporations. You can write blog posts to build up samples and reach out to publications. You may have to write some articles for free in the beginning, but it is possible to scale freelance writing into full-time work.

3. Graphic design

Companies need graphic designs to increase social media engagement and improve sales. Many business owners turn to graphic designers for help with these images. You can design websites, create social media graphics and create logos for various companies. Some graphic designers get started with Fiverr and Upwork, but you can also offer services on your own website.

4. Photography

Do you enjoy taking great pictures with your smartphone’s camera? It can be the starting point of a profitable photography side hustle. Event organizers need photographers to capture moments and share pictures with the attendees. If events aren’t your thing, you can take professional photos and list them on stock photo sites. These sites let you earn royalties each time someone purchases your image.

5. Web development

Many businesses use websites to reach new customers and keep existing customers engaged. Some of these websites may become outdated, and many business owners don’t know where to get started with web development. This in-demand skill can turn into your next side hustle and expand your network. You can build websites or web apps for businesses and individuals.

6. Social media management

Social media marketing helps businesses reach more people, but not everyone has enough time to stay active on each platform. Instead of writing and scheduling posts themselves, many businesses turn to people who provide social media management services. You can post on clients’ social networks and receive extra income. Social media management has full-time potential and can expand to creating and managing social media ads.

7. Tutoring

What are your best school subjects? You don’t have to be a professional in the field to teach someone how to do well in your favorite subject. If you’re not comfortable tutoring on a school subject, you can teach English or another language to a client. Some websites make it easy to get set up as a tutor helping someone learn a new language.  

8. Virtual assistant

A  virtual assistant is the administrative backbone of a small business that handles appointments, emails and other essentials. Busy entrepreneurs need help and will pay top dollar for a virtual assistant who provides great work. Your clients may also know fellow entrepreneurs who need a virtual assistant and refer you to their friends.

9. Transcription

Some businesses want to turn videos and podcast episodes into blog posts. These businesses look for people who offer transcription services. As a transcriptionist, you can convert audio and video files into written documents. You have to listen to the clip and write it out as you hear it. 

10. Airbnb 

You can turn an extra room in your home or apartment into an income stream. Airbnb hosts can make extra money by listing their properties on the popular platform. Just make sure to check your local Airbnb laws and regulations, since some states, municipalities, and homeowners associations may have certain restrictions on the practice. 

There’s also more to Airbnb than offering an extra room in your home or apartment. Hosts can also offer experiences in the area for tourists and regulars alike. These experiences can include yoga in the park, touring an area, food and drink and other categories.

11. Pet sitting or dog walking

Many pet owners take vacations and need someone to care for their pets while they are gone. You can also get recurring work as a dog walker for busy pet owners. Sites like Rover make it easy to connect with potential clients.

12. Event planning

Local and virtual event organizers need planners who know how to create a great experience for attendees. You can make money on the side by assisting with parties, weddings, corporate events and other festivities.

13. Fitness training

Personal training coaches help their clients achieve fitness goals. If you previously played a sport or continue working on your fitness, you may have a side hustle as a personal trainer.  This can also be done virtually and can be offered in group sessions as well. 

14. Music lessons

Do you know how to play musical instruments or have some experience with singing? You don’t have to be the best musician or singer to teach others. You can teach beginners, intermediate or advanced students depending on how comfortable you feel with providing music lessons.

15. Arts and crafts

Sites like Etsy make it easy for artists and artisans to list their work for sale and attract clients. You can create handmade goods over the weekend and list them for sale. Artisans can also create websites to promote their work and build their email lists.

16. Gardening services

Many homeowners value a beautiful garden, but not everyone wants to put in the work to create and maintain it. If gardening is your thing, you can offer gardening services and serve clients over the weekend for extra cash.

17. Home organizing

A decluttered home can improve productivity and happiness, but many homeowners don’t know where to start. A home organizer simplifies the process and guides the homeowner to declutter their home. You can provide these services over the weekend and create an extra income stream for yourself. 

18. Car washing and detailing

Cars get dirty over time, but a good wash can make them look brand new. Offering car cleaning and detailing services can turn into a nice side job, and your clients will always have to get their cars cleaned again.

19. House cleaning

Cleaning a home can be tedious, and many homeowners put it off for as long as possible. Some of these homeowners prefer to hire a house cleaner to get the job done. You can clean homes over the weekend and earn steady paychecks from clients who will frequently need your services. Some people turn this side hustle into a full-time business.

20. Catering

Do you know how to cook great food? If so, catering can be a great side hustle. You can cook and deliver food for parties and events that need a reliable chef. You can get returning clients from this gig if the client has an annual event or multiple events throughout the year.

21. DJ services

DJs can make money over the weekend by curating great music for weddings, parties and other special events. Some DJs receive $100 to $200 for a night, and it is possible to earn six figures in this industry.

22. Personal shopping

Not everyone wants to go to the grocery store or look for the perfect gift. These people hire personal shoppers to get goods for them. The client saves time while you get an extra income stream over the weekend.

23. Carpooling

Local commuters need to get from place to place. Some commuters drive in their own vehicles, but many of them use ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft. You can drive around and offer carpooling services with these apps over the weekend to earn some extra money.

24. Handyman services

Are you good with home repair and maintenance? Many real estate investors delegate these responsibilities to handyman specialists. Offering your services over the weekend can turn into a profitable side hustle.

25. Computer repair

If you’re good with technology, computer repair services can be a great side hustle for you. When people’s computers have issues, they need a quick fix and may pay top dollar to get the best services. Computer repair service providers address hardware and software issues for their clients.

26. Mobile car repairs

Offering mobile car repair services gives you a skill that can become a full-time job. If you enjoy learning how vehicles work and how to address problems, you may enjoy this side hustle.

27. Resume writing

People need professional resumes and cover letters to impress employers and land jobs. Some people have many years of experience in their fields but don’t know how to put it into words. That’s where you can come in with resume writing services. You can write resumes over the weekend and receive extra cash.

28. Airbnb property management

You don’t need to own real estate to make money with Airbnb. Some Airbnb hosts have multiple properties and can’t manage all of them. These hosts turn to Airbnb property managers for assistance. If you can maintain an Airbnb property and polish it up in between guests, you can earn steady payouts.

29. SEO consulting

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a big business, and you can make extra money on the side by offering SEO consulting services. You can guide clients on keyword selection, on-page SEO and other parts of an effective SEO strategy.

30. Tour guide

Do you know your area well? Tour guides can make good money on the weekend by showing tourists the favorite parts of their cities and towns.

31. Antique or thrift store flipping

You can buy antique and thrift shop items on the weekends and flip them on eBay for profit. It takes time to learn how the market prices antiques and thrift items, but this can turn into a fun and profitable side hustle.  

32. Personal chef

Personal chefs cook and deliver customized meals for their clients. If you have a knack for cooking, you can get recurring weekend work as a personal chef and turn it into a profitable side hustle.

33. Mystery shopping

Mystery shoppers get paid to evaluate customer service experiences at various establishments. You can help a business better serve its customers while getting extra time to shop and earn money.

Build Your Income with Side Hustles

Side hustles give you the opportunity to diversify your income. You can make extra money to cover an emergency expense, build your investments, or strengthen your savings fund. Some of these side hustles can become full-time careers. You don’t have to work on side hustles every week, but knowing you can quickly tap into them for extra income can improve your financial security.


How do you balance a weekend side hustle with a full-time job or other commitments?

You should start by writing down your schedule. Then, identify gaps where your side hustle can fit into the schedule.

Are there any legal or tax implications to be aware of with a weekend side hustle?

Your side hustle gig could result in a Form 1099, which you will have to report to the government.

How much time do you need to invest in a weekend side hustle?

You should look at your emergency savings and financial goals before deciding how much time to invest in a side hustle. If you have extra time that you aren’t sure what to do with, it may make sense to spend extra time on the side hustle.

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