Schuyler Durham

Schuyler Durham is a journalist, editor, writer, and musician from Portland, Oregon. His writing on the economy regularly appears on The Balance, and previous work has covered the arts for publications like Portland Monthly, as well as politics and current events for ABC and CNN affiliates. If he isn’t writing or playing music, you’re just as likely to find Schuyler hiking through a park as you are to find him firmly glued to a video game console.

Stories by Schuyler Durham

How To Create a Money Saving Plan

Money saving plans are important but not everyone knows how to make one. Everyone understands it’s important to save money — but that…

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Best Stocks Under $50 – Can I Start Investing With $50?

When it comes to investing, everyone has to start somewhere. A figure like $50 might not seem like that much, but the amount…

Cheap Stocks – How To Start Investing With A Little Money

Most people are familiar with the advice “buy low, sell high,” but far fewer are able to actually do it. Finding cheap stocks…

What Is ACH Payment?

ACH payments are a secure way to electronically transfer funds between institutions and is the technology behind direct deposit, payment apps, and many…

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