Tori Curtis

Tori has been a marketing and advertising writer for several years and has worked for many top financial brands. She’s passionate about FinTech innovation and how it can make financial success more accessible. When she’s not on deadline, Tori enjoys traveling, snowboarding, and exploring her city.

Stories by Tori Curtis

SNB blogpost
The Best Rewards Card Just Got Even Better

Our RoarMoney mobile banking account was designed to help you get more from your money. And one of its coolest features is that…

RoarMoney — Mobile Banking that Gives You More

We've revamped our banking offering and launched the powerful RoarMoney account powered by Pathward, N.A., Member FDIC. Our mobile banking app gives you…

Blog image father and daughter growth an income
Earn Income and Grow Your Portfolio at the Same Time

Thematic investing is a way to invest in a specific style or a broad idea, whether it’s a trend or passion you believe…

shutterstock 1498500233
How to Invest In ESG for a Better World

Usually when we think about money, investing in particular, we think about how we can build our own future. Did you know there’s…

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