How to Invest in Future Trends


Thematic investing is a way to invest in a broad idea — like the stuff you believe in, whether it’s clean energy or artificial intelligence. (You can learn more about the concept of thematic investing here.) And MoneyLion now offers portfolio themes that you can add to your overall portfolio based on your interests to personalize and strengthen your MoneyLion investment account!

We’re going to talk about our Future Innovations portfolio theme, which allows you to invest in stock ETFs focused on artificial intelligence, robotics, and other future-focused industries and technologies with high growth potential.

Innovation is all around us — we drive electric cars, control our smart homes with voice assistants, virtually attend events and meetings, and more. Tech advances like these support the transformative forces that are changing how we live, work, and communicate. These advances help society keep up with the way the world is evolving, and they help speed up global growth as they contribute to the development of monetization of data, machine learning, automation, and cybersecurity. 

How do I Invest in future technology and trends?

To invest in the future, you need to be future focused and experienced in sniffing out trends poised to take off. MoneyLion’s Future Innovations portfolio theme does that for you.

We partnered with Global X, a leader in thematic ETFs, to offer a portfolio that’s made up of ETFs with exposure to the most disruptive technologies with the highest growth potential. Global X seeks out Sector Disruptors: Thematic ETFs that invest in companies that are well-positioned to be a step (or two) ahead in developing revolutionary technologies or catering to a rising consumer base.

It does this by analyzing the current state and expected future state of fast-moving, high-growth areas of our world. For example, the portfolio holds the Global X Millennials Thematic ETF, which seeks to invest in companies that have a high likelihood of benefiting from the rising spending power and unique preferences of the U.S. Millennial generation.

This forward-looking approach is in contrast to many traditional approaches and core allocation models, which look at the past to determine diversification and return expectations and then choose portfolio holdings accordingly.

MoneyLion’s Future Innovations portfolio helps you own the future

MoneyLion’s Future Innovations portfolio theme tracks targeted groups of ETFs anticipated to be well-positioned to benefit from structural shifts in the global economy related to technology, society, the environment, and demographics over time:

Chart 1: Global X views traditional sectors through a future-looking lens to foresee a new paradigm (future state) based on rapid advancements in technology and consumer preferences:

191029 Sector Disruptors 02 1

Source: Meet the Sector Disruptors, Global X

Investing in a tech company vs. tech themed portfolio

Say you’re interested in what you believe is “the next big thing” — autonomous cars — so you decide to invest in a company like Tesla. There is a good chance that your investment could reap great returns, if your hypothesis about Tesla being “the next big thing” is correct. However, there is an equal chance that you could be wrong, and you could lose money.

On the other hand, a tech-focused portfolio theme like MoneyLion’s Future Innovations incorporates many sectors, industries, and geographic classifications, so that you are not putting all your eggs in one risky (Tesla) basket. If one future-themed ETF security in the Future Innovations portfolio performs poorly, you are likely to still be in decent shape because it’s just as likely that other securities or ETFs are performing well. 

Interested in owning the future? 

Download the MoneyLion app and check out our fully managed portfolio. It’s personalized to your needs with no minimums or management fees. And you can add portfolio themes like Future Innovations plus others (Earn & Grow and Greater Good) to power up your portfolio even more. 
Or you can learn more about how investing at MoneyLion works.

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