10 shopping hacks that will make you feel like a money-saving genius

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Attention all shoppers! We’re here to give you the ultimate guide and hacks to becoming a smarter shopper—while helping you save big on those irresistible items you love.

  1. Shop out of seasonWe all want to stay on-trend. But if you’re getting new clothes for the next fashion craze around the corner, you may be paying maximum retail price. Instead, buy a season or two ahead. It’ll save you money while still keeping your closet trendy.
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  2. Avoid these two fabricsWhile soft to the touch, fabrics like silk and cashmere can be hard on your wallet. And end up costing you money when it comes time to have them dry cleaned. Instead, opt for cotton or polyester blends to skip the dry cleaning fees.
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  3. Why you should rent your clothesBig event coming up? Consider renting your special occasion outfits from companies like Rent The Runway or Nuuly. You can still snag the designer labels but for a fraction of the cost. Let’s be real you were probably only going to wear it once anyway.
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  4. Secret boutique hackShopping at a higher end boutique? Walk around the edges to find the best deals. Stores carefully lay out their sales floors—placing the most expensive items right in the middle, and keeping the sale items hidden.
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  5. 24 hour shopping cart ruleWe all get a little spike of dopamine when adding items to our online shopping cart. Instead, wait 24 hours before purchasing. Most times you’ll forget about it. Plus, many brands will send you a discount code when you leave items in your cart without purchasing.
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  6. Ask for a rain checkIf a retailer advertises a product on sale and the store is sold out, you could be eligible for a raincheck. This is a voucher that verifies that you came in to buy the item at sale price—allowing you to come back and get it at a discount.
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  7. Slide into those DMsNo, not your ex’s. But when you reach out to a retailer through social media, many will offer you discounts or free stuff as incentives keep you happy. So, be sure to slide into those DMs.
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  8. The one in, one out rule If you want to update your wardrobe and save money—follow the one in, one out rule. Before you buy a new item, sell or donate an old one. This way, you can stop impulse buying, while you help keep your bank account in balance.
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  9. Point out flawsCall out defects on clothing items to the cashier. Missing buttons and stains can get you a big discount. Often they’ll cut a few dollars or percentages off the original price.
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  10. Don’t fall for the new shiny objectLet’s be honest, the next phone is usually not much different than the last. This goes for most products. Instead, opt for the previous version when the newest one rolls out. You’ll get more bang for your buck while getting a new-to-you device.giphySource: https://giphy.com/gifs/SaraDietschy-money-invest-save-your-ehR4czJndPjOjYOXoB

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