5 Life $aving Hacks to Help Pay For Your Dream Vacation.

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Want to take a dream vacation without breaking the bank? We’ll reveal our best money-saving travel tips to help you plan the ultimate getaway on a budget—from discounted flights to affordable stays.

  1. Put it on your card When you use a credit card that offers travel points on everyday purchases, you can rack them up to redeem upgrades, and enjoy exclusive discounts to use on your next sunset-filled getaway. Just make sure to pay it off right away.
  2. Time when you flyPlane tickets can sometimes cost an arm and a leg. But you can save your money (and your limbs) by booking your flights on Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Saturdays. Bonus tip: Using incognito mode when searching for flights can get you better results.
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  3. Lose luggage? No need to lose your cool too. It’s common to budget for a vacation, but that doesn’t mean things always go according to plan. When life happens, you can get a cash advance up to $500 through MoneyLion InstacashSM. So, accidentals won’t ruin your trip.*
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  4. Save smarter, vacation harder The sound of the waves may be calling your name, but your bank account may say otherwise. One thing you can do is use a high-yield savings account. This helps you save 10 to 12 times more than a traditional savings account returns—so you can watch the waves crash with a cold beverage in no time.
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  5. Earn free rooms wherever you goBooking hotels can eat up half your budget when traveling. Programs, like Hilton Honors, can earn you points on every room you get. Rack up enough, and you can then turn those into free nights at your favorite destinations.

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