Overtime: The Best Affordable Alternative Apps Like Klarna 

By Laura Smith
apps like klarna

Klarna is a mobile application that allows users to pay for items through point-of-sale loans when making in-store and online purchases from popular retailers worldwide. Unfortunately, while buy-now-pay-later apps like Klarna might seem like a good idea at the time, they can be harmful to your wallet, your credit score, and your financial health.

Thankfully, there are alternative payment methods that allow you to purchase the things you need without using Klarna. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about buy now pay later apps and alternatives to apps like Klarna that you may want to consider.

What does buy now, pay later mean?

Apps like Klarna offer buy-now-pay-later options that make it possible for users to purchase items via point-of-sale loans on the spot, both in-store and online. Buy now pay later apps were designed to solve the problem of needing immediate access to items while not having enough money to purchase them outright. 

With a few clicks of their computer mice, customers can receive fast, on-the-spot financing, making it possible to buy what they want now and pay for it later. As enticing as it sounds, this can lead people into financial traps, so let’s take a closer look at how these platforms work. 

How do buy-now-pay-later platforms work?

Buy-now-pay-later platforms don’t all work in the same way because each company has its own rules and regulations. However, there are some similarities regarding how they all function. 

Typically, to use these platforms, you’ll be required to follow these steps:

  • First, you’ll need to find a participating retailer. From there, choose the option to buy now and pay later when you’re checking out, whether that’s online or in-store.
  • Next, you’ll need to fill out personal information to see if you’ll be approved for the mini-loan. If you are approved, you’ll have to make a small initial payment to receive the loan, which could be anywhere from 5% to 40% of the total purchase amount.
  • After you complete your purchase, you’ll have to pay back the loan via installments that were established at the time you took out the loan. 
  • Once you have successfully paid all of your installments, your buy-now-pay-later loan will be fully paid off.  

Is Klarna actually worth it?

While apps like Klarna might sound like the perfect solution, they actually come with some serious drawbacks that you need to consider before signing up. For starters, Klarna can be costly if you don’t pay off your installments on time and in full. For example, if you only pay the minimum amount due for your buy now pay later apps like Klarna purchase, you’ll have to pay additional interest if the loan is not paid off in full within 30 days.

Plus, none of the payments you make will be reported to any of the three major credit bureaus, meaning that loans through apps like Klarna can’t help you build your credit. However, if you miss a payment, it could be detrimental to your credit score.

Finally, Klarna only offers minimal loan amounts that can only be used with specific partners. So not only are you limited in capital, but you’ll also only be able to utilize these apps at stores that have partnered with the apps. Thankfully, there are much better alternative payment methods to Klarna.

Who has the best buy-now-pay-later solution?

Overtime by MoneyLion is the best buy-now-pay-later app because it offers so much more than loans from specific vendors. Instead, you’ll be able to buy anything you need and pay for those purchases over time, all while having access to a suite of financial solutions for your loans. 

MoneyLion offers more than one solution to secure the capital you need. We also offer payday loans and cash advances. Even with bad credit, you can get up to $1,000 through a no-interest payday loan or cash advance!

Plus, you’ll be able to manage your money from anywhere with MoneyLion’s apps, which are available on iOS and Android devices. They will also introduce you to an array of other financial solutions to the money-related problems in your life! 

Overtime by MoneyLion

Overtime by MoneyLion is the best buy-now-pay-later application as it allows you to buy anything and everything you need without requiring a lengthy application process. Through MoneyLion, you’ll be able to buy any item and pay it back via direct deposits.

You’ll make four simple payments, breaking down your entire purchase into four separate and more manageable installments. Additionally, unlike other payment platforms, you won’t have to make a payment until two to four weeks after your initial date of purchase, giving you the flexibility and time you need to pay back what you’ve borrowed. 

Best Features

With Overtime by MoneyLion, you’ll be able to do the following with ease: 

  • Buy anything you want, even if you don’t have the funds.
  • Make only four easy payments.
  • Receive funds without a credit check. 
  • Have access to all of MoneyLion’s financial tools and products. 

The Overtime by MoneyLion app is available on both iOS and Android devices. The app also features many other financial services, like instant payday loans, cash advances, mobile deposits, account transfers, and more! 

Overtime vs Klarna

There is no comparison between Klarna and Overtime. Klarna only offers a buy-now-pay-later app for specific retailers, whereas Overtime’s loans are available for any purchase you need to make, no matter where you’re buying from. 

Compared to Klarna, Overtime offers so much more. Not only will you be able to buy anything from anywhere, but with Overtime by MoneyLion, you’ll also have access to all of our various features, including payday loans, bank accounts, equal investing platforms, safety net features, crypto education, and cash advances. 

Plus, if you’re not approved for a loan or credit card, then we will help you find a solution that you do qualify for, thanks to our financial experts! 

Overtime: the best buy-now-pay-later app

If you’re looking for a way to purchase the items that you need now but don’t have the money to pay for them yet, Overtime has you covered. Apps like Klarna make it difficult to borrow.

With Overtime’s applications, you’ll be able to get what you need without a lengthy application process and with easy repayment terms. Even better, you can apply for a Credit Builder loan from MoneyLion and build your credit while buying the things you need!


Why am I not being accepted for Klarna?

It could be because of your credit score. Klarna is an alternative payment method for those with a high credit score, which means Klarna trusts that you can pay off the loan in full. Consider Overtime or Credit Builder Loan from MoneyLIion– no hard credit check required!

Does Klarna build credit?

Klarna does not help you build your credit. However, a Credit Builder Plus Loan from MoneyLion does! Get up $1000 with monthly payments reported to all credit bureaus.

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