How Many Personal Loans Can You Have at Once?


When we need that extra cash, we look for it everywhere. From tapping into our emergency funds to fully exhausting our credit cards, we do almost anything to finance our fund shortage. 

There are many reasons why taking out a personal loan is enticing. But then we get hit by the bothersome question of, “How many personal loans can you have at once?” Today, we’re going to answer this question in full detail.

Can I take out another loan if I already have one?

Situations may arise where you need to quickly come up with more funds than you currently have. This will likely make you consider taking out another loan. Then, you’ll find yourself wondering, “How many loans can you take out?” 

You can take out an additional loan even if you already have one in your name. No matter how many loans you have, it’s important to remember that you are legally and financially liable for paying it back on time. 

If you miss the payback dates, your inability to pay will negatively impact your credit score. A bad credit score will make it hard for you to get loans in the future, especially when it comes to loans with favorable annual percentages and low interest rates. 

When applying for multiple loans at once, you should be careful not to give off the impression that you’re in a state of financial distress. This raises red flags for lenders, which will not make them willing to offer you a new loan anytime soon. 

Be careful not to apply for too many loans back to back because this can lower your credit score. It’s also important to know that lenders consider your debt-to-income ratio when reviewing your loan application, and whenever you take out a loan, your DTI increases. Be very careful and make it a point to avoid a DTI greater than 40% as this will lead to either strictly receiving loans with high APRs or complete loan rejection altogether.

A mix of credit that includes installment loans, student loans, and credit cards is wise, especially when paired with an impressive DTI ratio. FICO score statistics show that about 11.1% of Americans have poor credit scores, so it’s fairly common.

Can you get two loans from the same bank?

How many personal loans can you take out at once? The answer is multiple! .

And yes, you can get two loans from the same bank. However, this is only possible if you have a good repayment record as well as a favorable DTI ratio. 

The bank will grant you another loan provided you have been paying your monthly installments in full, regularly, and without defaulting.

Can I take out two personal loans at a time?

The good news is that you can take out two personal loans. But how many personal loans can you take out at once? Well, there aren’t any strict rules stating that you can’t take out two personal loans at the same time.

Personal loans are quickly becoming the most popular type of loans because of their lower interest rate compared to other types of consumer debts. So, to answer the question, “How many personal loans can you have at once?” the answer is multiple. 

But just because you can get multiple personal loans at a time doesn’t always mean it is the best thing to do. The ability to take out multiple personal loans at one time will also depend on the lender. 

Different lenders have their own unique restrictions when it comes to granting more than one loan at a time. Some lenders will restrict you from taking out more than one loan entirely while others will allow it, baring adherence to certain requirements. These requirements may include a waiting period or records that show you’re able to make a particular number of on-time payments for your previous loan.

Applying for multiple loans at once is something people do more often than not. However, you should be careful because if you accumulate more debt than you can reasonably pay back, you may render yourself untrustworthy in the eyes of credit lenders.

Is there a limit on personal loans?

There aren’t any federal restrictions on how many personal loans you can take out. Personal loans come in different sizes, too. The size of your loans will depend on the lender issuing you the loan as well as your creditworthiness as a borrower. 

When asking, “How many personal loans can you have at once?” you should familiarize yourself with relevant information to further educate yourself on the right answer.

Most small-dollar personal loans are short-term in nature. They are often issued by online payday lenders. These types of loans are usually accessible to all individuals, no matter where they fall on the credit spectrum. 

However, the interest rates attached to small-dollar personal loans can be exorbitant, and they often come with a quick-turnaround repayment date. In contrast, there are loans designed for individuals who have decent credit scores, and these loans come with higher minimum and maximum loan amounts. 

These types of loans also provide you with a lengthier repayment period, and the loans have a much greater dollar amount. While there aren’t any set restrictions that federally prohibit how many personal loans you can have, some lenders implement their own limitations. 

However, even though the federal government doesn’t set restrictions, some states have their own payday loan maximums in place. As a borrower, you should be aware of illegal title lenders practicing out-of-state and charging higher digits because they are trying to scam you. 

Is it smart to refinance a personal loan?

How many personal loans can you have at once? This is a question that is likely to come up when you think about refinancing an old loan. 

Refinancing a personal loan means that you are replacing an existing loan with a new one. This can help you save money if you are eligible for a lower interest rate on the loan you most recently applied for. 

Refinancing your personal loan can extend the amount of time you have to pay it back, thereby lowering the value of your minimum monthly payment. This, in turn, will boost your cash flow which you can then use to repay high-cost debts, thereby reducing overall debts. 

However, you should be careful when refinancing your loans. Only refinance a loan when you have a good credit score and you’d like lower payments. This is because an extended term means you’ll have to pay more in interest, meaning you are in debt for a longer period of time than you would’ve been prior to refinancing.

Can I get a personal loan to pay off another personal loan?

How many personal loans can you have at once? This question centers around the whole refinancing process. It’s possible to take out multiple personal loans especially if it’s for the sake of refinancing an old loan. Some scenarios where refinancing makes the most sense include… 

  • Your credit score has improved.
  • You want to avoid extra payments on existing loans.
  • You’re interested in switching up your rate type.
  • You are in need of lower monthly payments due to a decrease in your income.
  • You want to pay off your loans faster.

Getting a loan with the intention of using it to pay off other personal loans should be a decision you make with cautious. Here’s how to refinance properly:

  • Find out how much money you need.
  • Look at your credit score and report it to your lender.
  • Communicate with your current lender.
  • Pay close attention to the terms of online lending platforms and banks alike.
  • Apply for the new loan.
  • Stay on top of payments for your new loan.

Do personal loans help my credit score?

Taking out personal loans in an attempt to refinance your existing loan can help you save money. However, taking out more and more loans will start to negatively impact your credit score. 

Applying for multiple loans at once will require lenders to run a hard credit inquiry on your account. This will drop your score by a few points, but you can salvage this loss over time by maintaining a consistent payment history. 

If you’ve found yourself in a bad credit situation, there’s no need to fret. Apply for a MoneyLion Credit Builder Loan®️ to skip the hard inquiry and get up to $1,000 all while improving your credit score.

Personal loan alternatives

From unexpected expenses to a sudden maintenance bill, there are countless reasons why you might need extra cash.

Technically speaking, you can take out as many personal loans as you need. However, it can be dangerous because it can lead to overwhelming debt and put you in a position where you can’t pay back the money you owe. 

Here are some great alternative options that you should reference when considering a personal loans!

#1. Instacash advance

Instacash, a short-term cash float from MoneyLion, allows you to receive up to $250 without any interest attached. You’ll acquire money quickly to cover an unforeseen expense without having to pay any interest. 

As opposed to predatory payday lenders, MoneyLion allows you access to 0% APR Instacash®️,  and you’ll get the same-day cash advance within minutes. 

#2. Credit Builder Loan

You can qualify for a credit building loan from MoneyLion up to $1000. This will allow you to get some funds today while the remainder of your loan remians in a Credit Reserve Account and will be your to keep (plus the interest earned!) once you pay off the loan. A Credit Builder Plus membership can help you get the funds you need, build your credit while saving all at the same time. With a newly boosted credit score, this can increase your eligibility for securing a low APR credit loan.

#3. Payment plan

You can ask to be set up on payment plans. This is an excellent option for dentists, doctors, and veterinarians who want to provide their patients with the option to work out a payment plan. 

Payment plans can also be implemented when setting up in-housing financing and using medical credit cards like Care Credit.

Use RoarMoney®️

A lot of people ask the question, “How many personal loans can you have at once?” 

From mortgages to medical bills and unexpected trips to family emergencies, there are a lot of reasons to need extra financing. Borrowing from the right lenders can go a long way in ensuring you avoid high-interest rates and save more than you owe. 

Get started with MoneyLion! You’ll receive your payment up to two days early when you set up a direct deposit with RoarMoney.

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