Here’s how you can achieve the top 3 financial resolutions for 2018

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The dawning of a new year brings a perfect opportunity to get a fresh start, and many people resolve to make improvements and accomplish new goals in the year ahead. Money is a top New Year’s resolution theme, with about one-third of Americans making a financial goal, according to Fidelity Investments’ ninth annual New Year Financial Resolutions Study.*

The study explores Americans’ attitudes toward money at year end and found that their top 2018 financial resolutions are:

  1. Save more. 55% plan to focus on increasing their savings.
  2. Pay down debt. 25% say they will prioritize debt reduction.
  3. Spend less. 18% vow to rein in expenses.

Going into 2018, Americans foresee unexpected expenses as the biggest threat to their ability to achieve these financial goals. Not surprisingly, the top reason (47%) Americans cited for not achieving their 2017 money-related resolutions was unexpected expenses, including health care costs and unemployment.

These findings underscore the need for our membership offering, MoneyLion Plus, which helps people tackle unexpected expenses while continuing to build their savings over time. MoneyLion Plus does this by providing access to $500 5.99% APR loans (good credit not required and no need to reapply), savings into a guided investment account, and $1/day cashback just for logging in.

Some of our recent customer reviews highlight the value of joining MoneyLion Plus:

“Thank you, MoneyLion Plus! I got my $500 loan this morning and was able pay off some bills and have a bit to get by until payday! So helpful at such a stressful time of year!”
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Ready to make your 2018 money resolution?

The study concluded that making financial resolutions may improve financial health, as those who did so in 2017 feel more optimistic and financially secure going into 2018. Resolve to get the money you need now and save for tomorrow with MoneyLion Plus. You can find it in the MoneyLion app or at

Source: 2018 Fidelity Investments New Year Financial Resolutions Study.

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