Market update: Rate hike, trade talk, and tech trouble

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Three key things weighed on the markets this week, with talk of a potential trade war continuing to dominate:

  • Trade: Trump announced trade restrictions against China, stoking ongoing fears of a trade war that could slow economic growth.
  • Rates: The Fed raised the federal funds rate by a quarter percentage point to 1.75% and left us wondering whether its policy will turn out to be hawkish or dovish.
  • Tech: **Facebook** is under fire for allegedly not protecting user data, which dragged down the value of stocks in the technology sector.

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Additionally, when you invest in an ETF, your investment is diversified across the many stocks or bonds that the ETF holds. So, if Facebook or the technology sector takes a hit, the diversification of your ETF may absorb the short-term drop.

Keep your eyes on the prize

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