MoneyLion and dfree® — America’s most empowering partnership

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Partnering for financial freedom

At MoneyLion, our mission is to empower hardworking Americans to eliminate financial stress and build a sustainable path to financial health. It’s what we focus on and strive for 24/7. We’re about giving back what traditional banks take away, and finally making it possible for ALL communities to achieve their American dreams.

And that’s why we’re so thrilled to announce our new partnership with dfree®, the Financial Freedom Movement created by Dr. DeForest B. Soaries Jr. Open MoneyLion membership for dfree members here.

What is dfree?

Since 2005, dfree has been addressing the cultural, psychological, and spiritual influences on financial wellness in Black America, and offering practical strategies for achieving financial success. The dfree mission is to educate, motivate, and support the African American community to achieve financial freedom by taking action to achieve specific goals that will secure their future.

The dfree message and mission speak to the heart of what drives us at MoneyLion — helping every American thrive — and together, we can further empower dfree members, an amazing community of churches, organizations, and individuals worldwide.

Working together to empower America

The dfree strategy for economic freedom begins by addressing consumer debt, spending habits, and savings rates among members. MoneyLion will amplify dfree’s existing financial wellness program and will help inspire the community to earn financial rewards, make smart investments, and save for the future.

Freedom from fees supports financial freedom

Because MoneyLion provides the tools people need to overcome financial stress, including free checking and investing, free cash advances, cashback rewards, financial advice, and low APR credit-building loans, the partnership is a perfect match that can bring even greater financial health to the dfree community and further strengthen the financial heartbeat of America.

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Learn more about dfree and America’s most powerful financial membership.

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Build credit, not debt!

Together, dfree® and MoneyLion can help you reach your goals — build credit, start investing, and save more. Learn about this special offer for the dfree community.

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