One simple way to find if you’re overpaying for car insurance.

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Most car insurance companies typically have the same claim—they can save you money by switching. The truth is many actually can! Car insurance companies have their own way of assessing how much someone needs to pay for their premium. Each of these methods is different, and that’s why  car insurance companies can come up with different quotes. This is what makes it imperative that you check your quotes often, because it could save you money.

That’s why it’s beneficial to take advantage of platforms such as Savvy, which analyze and compare car insurance rates for drivers within seconds. While other websites may shop for a handful or maybe dozens of insurance companies. Savvy will check hundreds—helping those shopping snag the lowest prices. Savvy also makes it easy by letting you log in with your current insurance, so you don’t need to fill out any forms.

After checking for savings offers, Savvy can help you with any questions you may have for free through their full service contact center. Take a moment to see if you could save by downloading the MoneyLion app, in partnership with Savvy, and compare your insurance rate offers.

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