Online Payday Loans in Kansas – 0% APR Options Available

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It’s your friend’s birthday or you have an unexpected house repair, and you need extra cash right now. You don’t have the extra money in the bank. What do you do?

You may do some quick searches and come across payday loans or cash advances that allow you to get money today with a hefty amount of interest and fees. Payday loans are a legal option in Kansas to get cash fast, but let’s look into your options and potential alternatives.

Options For Payday Loans in Kansas

A traditional payday loan provides instant access to cash for a fee and an interest rate. 

In Kansas, there are a few ways that payday loans types you can apply for:

  • Online payday loans – Apply online and have multiple lenders “bid” for your loan.
  • Check into cash – You must go in-store with a post-dated check for the amount you borrow plus fees. 
  • Title or Pawn Loan – This seems like the most dangerous as you give the title of your vehicle or valuable to the lender until you pay off the loan. Most of the time you will get a decent amount for the loan, but the lender can’t repossess your car if you are having trouble making payments. 

Let’s look at the requirements in Kansas to qualify for a Payday Loan


  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • An active bank account
  • A government-issued ID
  • Proof of income. 

There is often no minimum credit score needed to qualify for a payday loan. Check into cash payday advances require you to bring your checkbook.

Interest Rates

The maximum APR for Kansas is 391% APR, which equates to $15 in fees per $100 loan. While it may not seem like much, in simple terms, a $5 Starbucks will cost you $19.55 after a year of interest at 391% APR.

Credit Check 

Often payday lenders in Kansas will not pull a credit report although they may use income verification as a credit check. While making on-time payments will not positively impact your credit, if you miss payments, the lender can send your account into collections which will negatively impact your score. 

State Regulations

Kansas state and federal regulation require that lenders not allow more than 2 outstanding loans at a given time. The loan should not be less than 7 days or more than 30 days. Lenders cannot provide rollovers and extensions, although they can allow a grace period.

Max Loan Amount 

You can have a $500 loan at any given time based on Kansas laws.


Lenders can charge only one Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fee and cannot take criminal action on defaulted payments.

Payday Loan Alternatives in Kansas

Now you understand how payday loans work in Kansas. Let’s look at some alternatives that provide instant cash and put you on the path to financial freedom.


Instacash is a safer alternative to a payday loan. Access up to $250 with no credit check and 0% APR, which means you pay back exactly what you borrowed without any extra fees or finance charges. You can access Instacash through the MoneyLion app 24/7 and as often as you need advances on your paycheck. 

Credit Builder Loans

A Credit Builder Loan is designed specifically for those with no or less than perfect credit to improve their credit by paying off a small loan over time. Your credit score can increase with steady payments and is reported to all three major credit bureaus. Apply and get approved for up to $1000 instantly to your bank account. Be a part of more than half our MoneyLion customers that raised their credit score by over 27 points in the first 60 days.

Compare Your Payday Advance Options in Kansas

InstacashCredit Builder LoanLocal Payday Lender
How Much Can You Borrow?Up to $250Up to $1,000$500
Fees & Interest0% APRCompetitive APR, $19.99/month feeUp to 391%
Impacts Your Credit?NoYes, it builds your credit score. No
AvailabilityOnline & MobileOnline & MobileOnline & Mobile
Wait TimeInstantly*Instantly
Next StepsSign UpSign Up
*24-48 hours to receive your advance at 0 cost. $3.99 for instant deposit to your MoneyLion bank account, $4.99 to instantly deposit to an alternative bank account.

Let’s Get You Cash Safely And Get On With Life

You need money today, but you realize that payday loans can be too expensive and too complicated. We have you covered! With transparent pricing and easy to use application process, you can have the money you need now in your checking account today.

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