Online Payday Loans in West Virginia with 0% APR

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You’ve tried so hard to get your finances on track, but life keeps throwing you curveballs. Now, money is tight, and you can’t wait until payday to get relief. 

You need cash now and have little to no options. The banks won’t help you, and a payday loan isn’t an option since they’re prohibited in your state. An online installment loan may be your only option – or is it? 

Let’s take a closer look at how they work along with other viable alternatives that are safer for your finances. 

Options For Payday Advances in West Virginia   

Since payday loans are prohibited in the state of West Virginia, many entities offer check installment loans to consumers with credit challenges. 

Loan payments are more affordable since the total amount owed is broken down into small chunks. However, you will pay more in interest over the life of the loan as these loans are usually accompanied by steep interest rates. 

The installment loan industry is regulated by West Virginia’s Office of the Attorney General. 


Wondering if you qualify for an installment loan in West Virginia? Each lender has their own set of rules, but you may be eligible if you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident that’s 18 or older. The lender will also confirm that you have a steady source of income that can be verified and an open checking account that’s in your name and accepts direct deposit. 

Credit Affects

Some online lenders in West Virginia conduct credit checks during the review process.  A low credit score may not disqualify you for a loan, but you will receive a higher interest rate to offset the risk of loss if you default on the loan. 

Payment history may be reported to the credit bureaus. Not all lenders report loan activity, though, unless you default and they sell the account to a debt collector. 

Max Loan Amount and Terms

State law does not limit loan amounts, but interest is capped at 31% on small loans on $2,000 or less. 

It’s up to the lender to determine the repayment period. Also, know that you may be able to take out multiple loans from different lenders at once with no cooling off period between loan applications. 


You may be subject to additional fees for missed payments. If you default on the loan and don’t make a payment arrangement with the lender, they may tack on extra fees or sell the loan off to a third-party debt collector. 

Payday Advance Alternatives in West Virginia 

Since payday loans aren’t an option, you can resort to online installment loans for fast cash. But is that really the best choice for your finances? Not necessarily. These loans are known for having steep interest rates and high monthly payments. 

You may be better off exploring other alternatives, like: 

  • Pawn shop loans 
  • Low-interest credit cards 
  • Loans from relatives or friends

Another viable option could be an interest-free cash advance or credit builder loan from MoneyLion. 


The Instacash feature from MoneyLion offers interest-free cash advances of up to $250. Credit checks are not required, and it only takes a few minutes to apply and get cash.

Simply download the mobile app, customize your profile, and link your checking account. Request the amount you’d like to advance, and the cash advance proceeds will be deposited into your account right away. 

Take advantage of Instacash today. There’s zero monthly fee, no interest, and no credit check. Just cash when you need it. 

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Credit Builder Loan

The Credit Builder Loan from MoneyLion can get you fast cash and a better credit score. It’s a part of the Credit Builder Plus membership that also includes access to premium features like credit tracking, managed investing, and Instacash cash advances. 

You may qualify for an installment loan of up to $1,000. Some or all of the funds are yours to use right away. Any remaining portion goes to a Credit Reserve account that earns interest until the loan is paid in full. When you pay off your loan, you get the rest of the cash.

MoneyLion reports payment activity to the credit bureaus to help boost your payment history. And you won’t have to keep up with due dates as payments are automatically withdrawn from your checking account. These timely payments will be reported to the major credit bureaus and will dramatically improve your score. 

Get all of this and more for just a $19.99 for a monthly membership. 

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Find An Online Loan In West Virginia 

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Credit CheckNoNo
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Get Approved for a Low-Cost Loan in West Virginia! 

High-interest installment loans can mean bad news for your finances. Give yourself a chance to get back on track financially without spending a fortune in interest and fees with a loan from MoneyLion. 

Consider an Instacash advance to get you over the hump. If you need a little more or want to rebuild your credit, the credit builder loan is also a good fit for your financial situation. 

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Enjoy Instacash advances up to $250. No credit check, no monthly fee, no interest. Just cash.

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