Plus power: Robert F. improves his credit and starts investing

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Let the Plus community inspire you

When you’re striving to reach your financial goals and looking for the best ways to borrow, save, and invest, it can be motivating to hear from others who have been in your shoes. Over the coming weeks, we’ll highlight how MoneyLion Plus members use Plus to improve their lives.

For your first dose of inspiration, look no further than Robert F., a former soldier and mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter and a current disabled cyclist, husband, and grandfather. A champion to many, Robert founded the Wounded Warrior Cyclist group to share strength and support with others.

Now he’s sharing with us why he chose MoneyLion Plus to help him improve his credit health and start investing. Let’s hear from Robert:

I came across MoneyLion, and it met all my needs!

I was looking for ways to build my credit score and start investing some money. I found a few apps that let me invest a little, but nothing to really help me build my score, only monitor. Then I came across Moneylion Plus, and it met all my needs!

They offered me a small $500 loan I could easily repay at a very low 5.99% APR, which is unheard of for someone with bad credit.

They GIVE you $1 a day

There is a fee of $29, BUT they GIVE you $1 a day just for logging into the app to monitor your account! So you get ALL that fee back if you log in to keep track of YOUR finances! It also goes into your Plus account to build your savings!

They reward you for things like not getting overdraft fees, improving your credit score 20 points, raising the amount in your portfolio. And they give you points for all this. When you reach 2,500 points, they give you a $25 gift card!

MoneyLion is really focused on helping people

I mean, MoneyLion is really focused on helping people, and NO ONE offers the incentives they do to help you do it, so how could I not sign up?

Oh, also, my credit score on MoneyLion updates faster then it does on the Credit Karma monitoring app I have, which only monitors my credit, it doesn’t really help me build my credit. Well, they did recommend for me to try for a loan with a place that, when I applied, I was not satisfied with the documentation. I had to show my retirement earnings, and they denied me after doing a HARD INQUIRY and dropping my score, so Credit Karma actually hurt my score!

See how Plus can help you

We’re grateful to have Robert as a customer, and honored to be part of his financial journey. If Robert has inspired you to try an easier way to safe, invest, borrow and improve your credit, start now with MoneyLion Plus or learn more in the MoneyLion app.


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