Ready to #GrowYourStack? Here’s how.

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MoneyLion’s latest update lets you watch your money grow. Literally.

Since day one, MoneyLion’s mission has been to make money more approachable for American consumers. It’s worked pretty well! Four years on, we’ve helped over 1 million users turn their financial goals into reality with a host of intuitive, hyper-personalized financial tips and tools, along with affordable credit products, all available through our mobile app.

Our users have big ambitions for their financial futures, and we believe that the best way to get them there is by helping them establish the starting point. That’s why we’ve launched Grow Your Stack, a feature that leverages the new augmented reality capabilities of iOS 11, to show users their bank balance, in stacks of cash, right before their eyes. Like we said, at MoneyLion we’re trying to make money more approachable. Literally.

So, how does Grow Your Stack actually work?

Ever wanted to see what all of your money would look like stacked up in dollar bills on the table in front of you? Now you can.

MoneyLion #GrowYourStack Demo from MoneyLion on Vimeo.

After downloading the MoneyLion app via the App Store (you’ll need to install iOS 11 once it’s officially released by Apple, and you’ll also need an iPhone 6S or later model) and linking your bank accounts, you’ll find a dollar sign icon on the home screen. Simply click the icon and point your phone at a table (or any flat surface that looks like a good place for money to magically appear) and you’ll see the entirety of your bank balance laid out before you in one majestic stack of cash.

Cool! But what does it do?

Here at MoneyLion, we’re working to make finance more encouraging, fun and engaging. We think that too many providers of financial products and services have over-complicated things, leaving their customers in the dark when it comes to their money. But the goal of our app has always been to enlighten our users with simple yet personalized advice powered by smart data-crunching technology, all delivered in an intuitive, clean layout. So while Grow Your Stack might seem like a fun feature, the reason we designed it is to give our users an even clearer starting point for their financial goals, i.e. your financial reality today, so that we can work together to get you where you want to go, and watch your stack grow as you progress.

Ok, I’m feeling revved up to save more and watch my pile of cash grow. What next?

We’re excited that you’re excited! MoneyLion is doing everything it can to help Americans save more and feel better prepared for both the anticipated and unexpected. By connecting your checking and other financial accounts to the app, you’ll instantly receive a full snapshot of your finances, along with personalized recommendations for everyday saving based on your own behaviors, cash flows and circumstances.

We focus on tips that are easy to implement and turn into everyday habits. What’s more is that we like to reward you for decisions that move you closer to your financial goals. To date, we’ve awarded over a quarter million points to our users (redeemable for gift cards and other rewards), and have returned $5 million to customers in the form of lower rates on MoneyLion loans.

If you’re ready to join the MoneyLion community and watch your stack grow, just visit the App Store to get started.

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