Get cash advances with no credit check

Life is breezy when you have access to cash advances up to $250 — with no interest, no credit check, and no monthly fee. See for yourself!

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Enjoy fast approvals and fast cash

Fast approvals, no credit check

Low on gas? Unexpected medical bill? Hot date in an hour? There are endless reasons to want cash advances online. All of them are important. Thankfully, there’s Instacash℠ .

Instacash lets you get up to $250 anytime with 0% APR interest and no credit check.

Get started now, and you could soon have extra cash in your account for whatever you need.

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Qualify using just your checking account

Qualify with your financial factors

There’s no credit check to qualify for our online cash advances. We only ask that you link your checking account when you apply. It’s quick, easy, and safe.

To improve your chances, link a checking account that meets these minimum criteria:

  • Age: Link an account that’s been open for at least 60 days.
  • Income: Link an account where you regularly deposit your income/paychecks and have a history of depositing income.
  • Balance: Link an account where you have consistently maintained a positive balance.
  • Activity: Link an account that you have used and continue to use regularly!

We’ll quickly and securely review your account and let you know how much Instacash you can get during each regular deposit period.

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Get the cash you want today

get cash fast whenever you need or want it

Everyone can benefit from having more control over their cash flow — because life is notoriously unpredictable! Here are some examples of Instacash in action:

  • You need to make a purchase, but your credit card has a high interest rate. Get an Instacash advance without a credit check and buy it interest free instead.
  • A bill is coming due, and you’ll get a late fee if you don’t pay. Stop that fee in its tracks by getting an Instacash advance to pay the bill.
  • It’s your mom’s birthday tomorrow, but your balance is low. Get a quick Instacash advance and surprise her with her favorite flowers.

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Whatever the day brings, cash advances with no credit check and no interest can help.

How to apply

How to apply for
cash advances with
no credit check

Here’s how to apply for Instacash and get approved without a credit check:

  1. Download the MoneyLion app and create an account
  2. Tap the Instacash button on the app’s Home screen.
  3. Follow the prompts to link your primary checking account.
  4. See how much Instacash you’ve unlocked.
  5. Select the amount of your first advance and where you want to receive your funds.
  6. Get the cash in your account!

The process takes just minutes from start to finish. There’s no commitment, no credit check, and no interest. So there’s no reason not to give it a try! Get Instacash >

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Here are some common questions about cash advances with no credit check.

How often can I use Instacash?

You can get as many cash advances as you want (up to your available amount). When you get an advance, the money will be yours to enjoy right away, and you’ll see your repayment due date in the app. Your payment will be automatically collected when it’s due.

Will I always get $250 with an Instacash advance?

The amount you qualify for depends on the amount and consistency of deposits in your linked account and ranges from $25 to $250. The higher and more consistent your deposits are, the more Instacash you will have access to. If your deposits change, the amount of Instacash you have access to may increase or decrease accordingly. 


Pro Tip: Once you’re an Instacash customer, you can potentially unlock more than $250 with Instacash boosts (special increases you can earn just by doing things like paying on time or referring a friend)!

Is this a payday loan?

No. Instacash is an online cash advance, and there are no required fees, credit check, or hidden stipulations. Payday loans can require a credit check, incur extremely high interest and fees, and require going to a physical location.

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