Achieving your financial goals just got easier

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Exciting things are happening around here.

You’ll notice that we look a little different. That’s because we’ve not only redesigned our app, website, and even our logo, but also because we’ve expanded our product offering to give you a better experience.

At MoneyLion, we believe in making money more approachable. Here are some of the great new features we think you’ll love.

### Personalized money tips, just for you.
Our new mobile app isn’t just awesome because it’s shiny and pretty, it’s also packed with great advice to help you on your financial journey. For example, if you’re about to face overdraft fees, we’ll let you know. There’s guidance on how to improve your credit score and lots of helpful details about your spending habits that can help you make better decisions.

Download the app today.

Online high-fives that save you money.

We’re introducing Boosts, a new way for you to save big on a loan. The more friends that Boost you, the more money you’ll save. It’s that simple. You can lower the interest rate on a loan by up to 50% or more. Think of a Boost as like an online "high five" – easy to give and get. Learn more

Loan rate discounts for staying on track.

When you diligently pay your bills on time, every time, we believe you deserve to be rewarded. That’s why you can now earn a loan rate discount whenever you make on-time loan payments. Each on-time payment gets you a loan rate discount, up to 50%.

As soon as same day funding.

Not tomorrow. Not next week. Today. Get the money you need, when you need it. For many, you’ll be able to get money in your pocket that very same day. Just make sure you apply via the mobile app and e-sign your loan by 12PM Eastern Standard Time (and subject to loan approval). Learn more

Your credit report, made simple.

<img src="/content/images/2017/05/CreditReport_NoLogo.png" alt="Mobile App Dashboard" style="width: 750px;"/ align="right">
We wanted to create a best-in-class credit report that everyone can actually understand. That’s why we’ve broken down the traditional credit report into easy-to-follow categories so you can see which actions have the biggest impact on your credit – and just as importantly – which don’t. We also point out differences between the reports so you can check for potential errors that may be dragging down your credit score. Finally, you can feel confident in our credit report’s accuracy because its sourced from 2 of the major credit bureaus (TransUnion® and Equifax). Check it out today or learn more.

### No need to wait to see how much you can borrow.
If you’re in the market for a loan you can get pre-qualified in about 15 seconds with our new Instant Offers feature. Just scan both sides of your driver’s license using the mobile app and you’ll see how much money you can get and at what rate. Then get funds deposited directly into your bank account as soon as same business day. [==Learn more==](

More great features to come.

With this new brand launch, we have a lot more things on the way that will help make money more approachable for you. We’ll keep you updated as we release new features and products. Look forward to more in-depth articles about how all of these features can help you save money, improve credit and boost your overall financial health.

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