Best Stocks Under $100 – How to Invest With $100 or Less

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best stocks under 100 dollars 2020

There are many factors when it comes to planning for your future and setting up your retirement. Figuring out the ins and outs of a 401k or which stocks to invest in can feel overwhelming.

You could stay up night after night trying to research the finance lingo and how to choose the “right” path to financial freedom. In an ideal scenario, you’d magically stumble upon an investment opportunity and bam, you’re set for life.

Although it’s going to take more effort than that, with help from MoneyLion, you can start investing in no time! 

How To Find Stocks Under $100

From the uber hands-on investor to the set it and forget it type. There are tons of savvy ways to buy stocks and other investments. But what you might forget is the potential headache from trying to figure it all out or shelling out loads of cash to get started. No worries, we have a remedy for you! Below are our favorite tips for finding and investing in affordable stocks for beginners. 

Get a Fully Managed Investment Account

A MoneyLion fully managed investment account allows you to customize your investment portfolio to fit your needs. MoneyLion will recommend a personalized portfolio based on your comfort zone and financial goals.

For only $1/ month, you’ll have no minimum investment requirements and you can withdraw funds at any time. With the help of our partner Wilshire Associates, a 30-year lead investment industry veteran, your investment strategy is a curated mix of stock and bond ETFs personalized to you.

Based on your level of risk tolerance, there are seven core portfolios: 

  1. Steady Income 
  2. Conservative
  3. Moderately Conservative
  4. Moderate
  5. Moderately Aggressive
  6. Aggressive
  7. Equity Only 

Once you’ve selected your strategy, you can schedule recurring deposits and let us go to work for you. Auto Investing has never been easier!

Search the Stock Market

You can opt to invest your time in research, education, and vetting stocks on your own, but you’ll be required to open a brokerage account to purchase a single stock. Along with brokerage accounts come hefty minimums, trade commissions, and fees.

When you’re using the expertise of a broker expect to pay a pretty penny for their time and knowledge. If you do choose to go the broker route, look for a good selection of commission-free ETFs and zero inactivity fees. 

A good place to start when looking to buy stocks is from companies or products you already use and are familiar with. 

Can I Invest $100 Today?

Yes, with MoneyLion you can download the app and begin using the army of finance products and start your investment journey the same day. Below we’ve listed the steps to sign up for an Investment Account with MoneyLion. 

  1. Download the MoneyLion App
  2. Tap Finances– Select Investment Account
  3. Select Investment Strategy – MoneyLion will ask you a few questions to evaluate your risk preferences and investment goals. Be honest and clear, there’s no wrong answer! 
  4. Review Your Portfolio – MoneyLion will select the best strategy based on the answers you provided. Once you’ve approved, this will be the investment strategy used once you add funds.
  5. Read and Sign – This will include legal agreements for your investments and checking accounts.
  6. Verify Your Identity – Make sure that all of your personal information is correct and there are no errors.  
  7. Confirm – Once the app has confirmed all of your information, you’ll be prompted to a confirmation page containing your address on file. 
  8. Add Funds – start investing by adding funds from your linked account. 
  9. Turn on Auto Invest – This helps you make consistent deposits into your account and grow your money faster. At any time you can change your preferences or withdraw funds. 
  10. Monitor Your Money – Use your MoneyLion app to stay on top of your finances and manage your investments.  

Easy Investing with $100

The ultra-wealthy aren’t the only ones who can secure their future by investing. In fact, most MoneyLion customers are first-time investors and we make the process seamless and nearly hands-off. With no account minimums and zero management fees, you know where all of your hard-earned money is going. 

Select your investment threshold based on your terms and your comfort zone. Whether you want to invest $100 or $1000 in stocks, you don’t need to be a finance whiz to get ahead. Download the MoneyLion app and start your investing journey today! 

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