CareerBuilder CEO Irina Novoselsky Talks About Being a Go-Getter

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Starting from the ground up, Career Builder’s first female CEO Irina Novoselsky is proof of how working hard can change your financial path. Coming from humble beginnings, Novoselsky came to the US from Russia in the late 80s with her family as refugees. She learned quickly that if she wanted something like a toy or candy, she had to earn it. At a young age, she began washing cars in her neighborhood to earn cash which nurtured her entrepreneurial and financial-oriented spirit. 

She studied hard and even worked on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange at the age of 18!

Fast forward to her current career at CareerBuilder and you can see how her commitment to diversity and inclusion has made an impact on how CareerBuilder hires and coaches its users on how to secure jobs. 

Novoselsky speaks on how it’s not just about experience that qualifies you for a certain position, it’s about your ability, willingness and skillset that can get the job done. 

While the pandemic has greatly impacted women in many ways, she mentions that over 70% of the people holding frontline positions like waitresses and support are women who became laid off, furloughed or lost their jobs altogether. 

The question is; how can we bring back the workforce while being mindful of diversity and including women in the workforce? 

The answer; businesses must become more flexible with their workforce and how and where their employees can conduct their daily tasks. Novoselsky states that CareerBuilder has seen a 200% increase in work from home jobs that have eased the stress for many women in the workforce. 

At CareerBuilder, over 40% of their C-suite roles are held by women. CareerBuilder hopes to encourage other companies to follow their model because that is more on par with the population we live in. Hiring women and giving them greater earning opportunities creating financial independence and control over their own destiny. 

Let’s work together to close the gender wage gap and become a more inclusive workforce. 

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