Lavall Chichester

Lavall Chichester is Head of Content at MoneyLion. He is an AdAge 40 under 40 award winner and a Growth Marketing expert. He has deep experience in fintech and other industries. He has written for Forbes, AdWeek, TheNextWeb, eMarketer, and others. He is a second-degree black belt, a bare-knuckle Karate champion, and a proud father.

Stories by Lavall Chichester

Investing in Challenging Markets
The markets are bumpy — so hang on

Perhaps nothing summarizes the investor experience better than the old quote that “nothing worth doing is easy.” The current market environment, as uncomfortable…

Start investing
Why You Should Start Investing

Video Transcript: Start investing right now even if it’s $5 a month. One of the smartest men who have ever lived was Albert…

Womens Sports
Women’s Sports: What The Hell Is Going On?

The Macro View
The Macro View by Lionomics, May 2022

MoneyLion works with Wilshire, one of the nation’s largest investment research consultants, to bring you investment advice and market insights. Each quarter in…

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